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According to different market analyst , there are many positive predictions about the future of Digital marketing in coming times.

With the expansion of online trends , predictions about the future of Digital marketing say that digital platform has secured a prominent place amongst the top professions blooming in India

Top predictions about digital market and it’s future :

prediction about the future of digital marketing and why to learn it .
  1. By the end of 2020, 50% of the consumers will judge a business or brand by its capability of being digitally optimized and available which is why digital marketing is getting a hike in the corporate industry .
  2. The most effective way to attract techie customers in future will be using influencers . Influencers can be anybody who know how to persuade the customers in certain way using digital media .
  3. As the online market will grow so will the need for employees equipped with digital knowledge which is why by next 5 years digital marketing will be the most desired profession .
  4. As a post covid effect some 20+ business initiatives have been taken by the government for Digital India which will bloom the digital marketing sector .
  5. Big businesses like Google and Microsoft are planning to make India digitally equipped in coming years with more use of digital marketing in daily life .
  6. According to the prediction about the future of digital marketing the entire plan of Digital Marketing has an annual growth rate of 25 % to 30%  in India which signifies great expansion .
  7. After the Digital India everything is getting digitalised with the promise of the Modi government to provide the rural areas with cheap internet availability which implies greater audience for digital marketing .
  8. By 2023 , India is projected to grow to over 660 million digital users increasing the access to online marketing .
  9. Digital intelligence will increase the global GDP up to 14% by 2022 giving a boost to the online marketing and advertisement .

10 ) All the major industries by 2025 will go online, thus requiring technically equipped employees with professional knowledge of digital marketing .

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