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Scenario in 2019

The world as we see today is rapidly evolving and changing place. What was news yesterday, is history today. Today everything is Digital, in such a dynamic environment, Digital Marketing comes in the picture, now the question arise what is Digital Marketing? What are the Career Options in Digital Marketing ? Is Digital Marketing a fruitful career option? Well, let’s explore the digital world. Let’s start……..

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is very trailblazing and creative concept in the 21st century. So Digital Marketing is basically a use of numerous digital tactics and mediums to affix with the customers where they spend much of their time online. Sounds too technical? Okay, in simple words , Digital Marketing is online advertising and marketing of goods and services. It’s all about creating brand. It involves various channels like Social Media, Search Engine, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and so on and so forth.

Career Options In Digital Marketing

Now the question arise about the career opportunities or why digital marketing is a rewarding career?

Finding job today is a tough nut to crack. Today unemployment rate is a way too high. It’s when Digital Marketing comes for the rescue. The swift evolution of digital media has brought innovative changes and many employment opportunities. Let’s talk about it in detail…..


Digital Marketing provides a golden opportunities to commence your own business and be your own Boss. Digital Marketing is vital for any small/medium/large business hoping to stay competitive.

Get a Quick Job :

According to the combined study of KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marvick Goerde) and CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) over 20 Lakh jobs will be created in Digital Marketing by the year 2020. No doubt, It going to be a booming career!

Freelancing :

Digital Marketing provides you a platform to start freelancing and earn upto 60k per month or even more . Work from anywhere and earn. Doesn’t sound so cozy?

Digitalization :

Today in this era of digitalization, Digital Marketing is a key ingredient. It has significant contribution towards Digital India. Why don’t be a part of such campaign for better India?

Privilege Over Others :

Person with good digital marketing skills gets an upper hand in job. He/she can expect high salary and better growth over others. One can expect 20% to 30% growth.

Get International exposure :

Digital Marketers are not just in high demand in India but also aboard. Today Digital Marketers are globally recognized. It helps to accelerate potential by creating new opportunities for future.

Thus, Digital Marketing is a flourishing and lucrative field where one can get lots of opportunities to grow, develop and shine out. So are you ready for a kick start of your career? Are you ready for the cut edge start of your career? Voila! Digital Marketing is a right career option for you. It’s a stepping stone to success. So what you waiting for?

Enroll today and Be a certified Digital Marketer!!!!!!

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