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The homemakers of the 21st century are not just confined to taking care of the house and the children. Today she is much more than just a housewife. She has an active social life, she is passionate regarding her ambitions and above all, she is not ready to settle for anything but the best. She has the courage to go out and face the world. She is what they call the “GEN NEXT” homemaker. In this blog I am going to share about the 4 Career options for Housewife in Digital Marketing in which they can start building their career from their home.

Unlike earlier times today, a homemaker has a mindset of a career-driven individual. She not only wants to be addressed as someone’s wife but she also wants to create her own intellectual image. She wants to shine and excel in her respective professional field and most importantly she wants to be recognized.

But more than often it so happens that due to the responsibilities and expectations placed upon them, they are unable to pursue their dream career. Striking the right balance between family responsibility and professional goals is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Willingly or unwillingly women are bound to sacrifice their bright career as well as the lucrative salary package for the sake of their families. However our homemakers today never fail to astonish us. They know exactly how to make it all work.

Although starting one’s career all over again isn’t a cakewalk. But hey! Wade away the blues. Let’s recast impossible and make it “I’M POSSIBLE”


The transition from a full-time homemaker to a working professional can be made easy with the help of Digital Marketing.

Yes! Ladies all your dreams can come true just by working from home as a Digital Marketer. It is one of the most exhilarating career choices of modern time and it has the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

Let’s delve into it a little bit.

Women today are way to technology savvy. Be it socializing over the internet or doing online shopping, they are proficient at all of it. This proficiency can be used to build a career in Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing is nothing but promoting or showcasing anything on digital platforms. It may not necessarily be a product or a service but it could be a value-adding content as well. It includes internet, mobiles devices and every digital medium that prove to be helpful in achieving a company’s objectives, growth, sales, and targets. The role of a Digital Marketer is to drive brand awareness and to generate leads through various digital channels; both free and paid


GROWING DEMAND – It is an ideal choice for women looking forward to satiate their emotional as well as financial needs by doing something substantial. Most of the businesses today are engaged in digital marketing be it an E-Commerce website, hospitality, MNC’s or Education Institutes all of them requires Digital Marketing Professionals. As a freelancer, you can provide your professional services just by working from home.

 WORKING AT YOUR OWN SWEET WILL– Since you are operating from home you get the flexibility to work as per your own convenience. Working without any obligations or pressure from the employer. No need to do a 9-6 job, you are not bound to work for a certain time frame

 EASY TO GRASP— A Digital marketing course may sound or appear as a very technical and toilsome area but it is not. All you need to be is little technology savvy and have an inclination towards different digital platforms.

ECONOMICAL – Digital marketing is a very cost-effective course in comparison to any other professional course and at the same time, it is not a very time-consuming course too. YOU SAVE MONEY, YOU SAVE TIME. What else you can ask for?

SCOPE – If you are looking forward to kicking off a Career in Digital Marketing you can simply start off as a Freelancer, rendering services to your clients or if you have an idea for a start-up then you can promote your own business as well over the internet and make it a success. Digital Marketing has the potential to help you through all your career choices.


There is an array of Career options available to choose from as a Digital Marketer.

It’s you who has to make a choice and take a call as to which area suits you the best. Let’s discuss a little about the choices available as a Digital Marketer and the 4 Career options for Housewife in Digital Marketing.


It takes a little bit of time to master this profession. But once you are well aware of its nitty gritties you can render your services as an SEO expert, framing strategies for your clients, working on google AdWord and AdSense and gaining hands-on experience as a freelance digital marketer.


It might sound a little intricate but it’s pretty simple. Affiliate marketing is a medium through which you can earn simply by recommending certain products or services to your friends, family of readers. For this, all you need is a blog or a website of your own. This brings us to our next career option which is a web designer.


Have a creative approach? Then maybe website designing is the thing for you. Be your own boss and enjoy the freedom of autonomy in the workplace. Website development is probably the most challenging but at the same time the most frenzied aspect of digital marketing. Just let your creativity take over.


If you have a flair for writing, then this is just apt for you. The influencer market is growing rapidly in India. Learn how to showcase & market your creativity over different social media platforms which will earn you money and fame both.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Work from home, earn big and most importantly nurture your family.

SEIZE THE DAY. Start your career in digital marketing now.

This article is submitted by our student Tanu Sinha(Founder of MOHHMAYA.COM )

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