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Skills required, Career Scope, Salary , Future And Opportunities in Social Media Marketing in India.

Do you love using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social platform?

Are you spending more of your time on these social media platforms?

What if you can earn money by doing this?

If yes, then Social media marketing is the best career option for you. Yes, today Social Media Marketing is growing rapidly. Today everything revolves around social media whether it’s sharing your favorite picture or updating your check-in status. Today social media has more than 400 million active users. Isn’t this just huge! So now the question arise what is Social Media Marketing what are the Career Opportunities in Social Media Marketing?  

Social Media Marketing is a one of the major part of Digital Marketing. So Social Media Marketing is a technique of using Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc to grow business, goodwill and products. Today Social Media has become one of the quintessential part of any business and without Social identity no business can ever grow. So the need for aficionado Social Media Professionals are high in demand. Social Media Marketing helps the business in brand building, fast interactivity  with its consumers, Helps in consumer anticipation and best part is that it is very cost effective.

Skills required in Social Media Marketing

In order to maximize the use of these powerful platforms, some top-notch skills are required that one must possess –

  • Well-versed with Social Media – One must know to use these social media platforms. If you’re naive then it may be tough nut to crack. But learning about social media is always fun and enjoyable. Nowadays even a small kid can very well use Facebook. So how good you are with social media?
  • Creativity– For your Digital Marketing Career not just Social Media Marketing, you have to be creative. Here creative thinking plays very important role. As more companies turn to social media campaigns, the demand for creative social media professional are increasing. So are you creative?
  • Problem Solving Skills-One of important skill required is good problem solving skills as evaluating and utilizing complicated market research requires to consume large amount of data and presenting best marketing strategies.         
  • Excellent Communication Skills-Good communication skills is must for a successful career in social media marketing. Good communication skills with the sense of empathy is must for any Social Media Professional. Exceptional communication skills is a cherry on the cake. The person is demanded more who can speak clearly and confidently. Here, Clarity and Concision are the key ingredients for good communication skills. Keep adjusting your communication skills until you hit the right note. So work on grooming your communication skills!!

So these are some of most important skills required in this field. So how many skills do you have? Well now the question arise how to learn social media marketing? Max Digital Academy is the best digital marketing institute in Lucknow offering you with best Digital Marketing Course cum Social Media Marketing course in Lucknow. Don’t believe us, book your trial class today.

Scope and Career opportunities in Social Media Marketing

Now the question is, what is the scope and Career Opportunities of Social Media Marketing and job opportunities in India? Social Media Marketing can be found in any industry as companies continuously establishing their presence on the major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. According to Social Media Marketing report, the industries have shown the most success growth through sales generation from Social Media activity. So definitely the Career Scope in Social Media Marketing is huge. There are lots of job opportunities in Social Media Marketing and even its expected to grow much more in future.

 Okay!! how much you can earn from Social Media Marketing?

 What will be your salary as a fresher? What is the expected salary?

So the annual salary of Social Media Marketing Professional differ due to geographical location, educational qualification, employment in industry and level of experience. Due to the relative recent development of Social Media as a Marketing channel, Social Media Marketing Professional are paid really well.

The average salary of social media managers in India varies from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 100,000 rupees per month depending on the level of experience. As a fresher, one can expect the salary between 15,000 to 30,000 per month. So yes, Social media career is a lucrative career option.

Types of Social Media Marketing Jobs

  • Social Media Strategist– The work of Social Media Strategist is to make engaging marketing strategies that not just help in boosting sales but also helps in increasing goodwill of the firm.
  • Social Media Coordinator-The work of social media coordinator is to coordinate and communicate with the Social Media Marketing team and deal with clients and create proper coordination. In this way one can have better understanding of how Social Media Marketing works.
  • Social Media Remote– It’s likes working from the home and getting paid when work is done. It’s also means freelancing. Working from home is very comfortable and you can work at your own convenience.
  • Social Media Assistant– Best job in Social Media Marketing is Social Media Assistant as you get chance to work with experienced Social Media Professionals and learn lots of new valuable things.
  • Social Media Manager– It is one of the handsome paid job in Social Media Marketing. As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for taking care of all aspect of social media and have to formulate various plans to achieve various business objectives.
  • Social Media Director– It is the most important and prestigious post in Social Media Marketing. As a director, you will be required to make very important decisions and course of action for your team.

So these are some social media marketing jobs one can get after successfully acquiring good social media marketing skills.

Future of Social Media Marketing In India

Today Social Media Marketing is trending worldwide. Future of Social Media Marketing is definitely very broad and expected to grow more in future. As everyday social media users are increasing this means more business are turning digital, which means more demand for Social Media Marketing Professional in future respectively Career Opportunities in Social Media Marketing is also rising day by day. So are you ready to be social media professional? Max Digital Academy provides best assistance to their students and keep them updated about the current scenario. So what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself now and be a certified Social Media Marketing Expert!

This blog is submitted by our student Mr. Rahul Mohanto (founder of thesuperscan.com)

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