Google Task Mate in India

Google has been introducing various life-changing applications since the beginning of the 21st century. The sheer thought process behind these digital applications has been the reason why Google grew up to become the world’s most loved search engine, which famously, can do anything and everything you need. The G-suite is home to some of the most productive applications of all time and plans to add a new member to it. India is one of the largest consumers of Google’s services. Google is testing the relevance of this new member, Google Task Mate in India.


Google Task Mate in India- An Overview

The Google Task Mate is a beta application developed by Google. It is currently in a scrutiny stage, with its performance being closely monitored in India, for the future implications of launching it herein.

The Google Task Mate is supposed to reward you for the minutest of tasks that you aim for and perform, to add to the value of Google’s services.

As mentioned in the app’s ‘About section’ in the Google PlayStore, the application enables users to ‘earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone.’

As of now, access to the beta version available in India is limited to a few users with a referral code at their disposal. It is not sure when Google would make the application accessible to the general public.

The Google Task Mate is designed to provide people with earning opportunities by simply completing trivial tasks on their mobile phones. And those tasks, in turn, are beneficial to Google as it adds value to the search result quality of Google.


Google Task Mate In India

What would you have to do in Task Mate app by Google?

The first question that pops into an eager potential user’s mind is- what would I have to do to earn through Google Task Mate?

Well, the tasks that a user has to accomplish to earn rewards are simply divided into field tasks and sitting tasks.

These will be simple tasks that can be chosen as per your suitability and completed as and when it pleases you or skipped if you do not find the task suited to your ability.

These bite-sized tasks include-

Field Tasks- That require venturing out to some nearby place for their completion.

Sitting Tasks- That do not require commutation to any specific destination for their completion.

Field tasks might include clicking pictures of some outdoor places of visitor’s interest, such as a nearby restaurant, a theme park, a library, or a historical site. It might also require checking the prices of certain products and some restaurant’s menu and posting reviews about the quality of services being delivered.

Sitting tasks are better suited to homemakers and include simple chunks of tasks such as translating a particular piece of information into their local language, providing the audio for a written sentence, or verifying a known shop’s details.

These tasks, once completed, are put under review. If the quality of work is found accurate after being reviewed, it is rewarded as per the promised monetary value in your local currency. The amount is transferred to the e-wallet or the account linked to the Task Mate’s payment partner and is visible on your dashboard.


A tour through the interface of Task Mate App

Since the application is entirely foreign to the Indian community, here is a short tour through the interface of Task Mate:

Step 1: Go to the Google PlayStore and download the Task Mate app.

Step 2: Register with your email id and register yourself to the application.

Step 3: Choose the language from the Select Language tab. The chosen one will be the language in which the interface of the app will work for you.

Step 4: Choose your working language(s). Your preferred language can be your local, regional languages or the languages you are familiar with.

Step 5: This step of the registration process requires you to enter and verify your referral code. Pay great attention to the case of the alphabets you are entering as it is a case-sensitive code, and entering the wrong referral code can block your account permanently.

Step 6: Finally, go through and accept the terms and conditions provided, and you’re good to go. Start earning through the Task Mate!


Salient features of  GTM

  • It is an original product of Google LLC and hence is reliable and credible
  • No restriction of criteria to use the app, except that you must have a referral code, to begin with. Else, no special requirements apply to register and use Task Mate
  • It is free! 
  • Users can select tasks of their choice


This app can become a supporting earning source for all freelancers, Professionals, Students & Homemakers.

As of now, the future of Google Task Mate in India seems bright, considering the credibility, lucrative interface, and perks of the application. But with the ‘Rewards app’ in place that lets users earn money by answering survey questions, it will be clear soon how Google Task Mate performs with the Indians public.



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Earning Money from YouTube – an Ultimate Guide

Whether it is a gut-tantalizing recipe you’re looking for or tips to increase your business growth, the DIY beauty hacks, or a dance tutorial on your favourite song, YouTube is the go-to application for it all. Whenever we think about free video streaming, YouTube is the first name that pops into our heads. A Google-driven social platform, YouTube has turned from a video streaming site to a full-fledged money-making site that has empowered people for a decade. In this article on earning money from youtube – an ultimate guide, we will discuss the best possible ways to earn money on Youtube.

Even though it is a twisted maze of techniques and efforts that get you through to making the desired amount of revenue from YouTube, the following guide on how to earn through YouTube, will make it simpler for you to tap into the monetary benefits it offers.


Earning money from YouTube totally depends on the number of engaging subscribers your YouTube Channel have. To grow your YouTube Channel, you need to master these –

How to Ace YouTube SEO:

Search engine optimization is a must for all platforms of business. To engage the most number of audience, learning to optimize the YouTube search engine is a crucial element. Make sure you use relevant and high ranking keywords. Following are the five critical YouTube SEO ranking factors to hold on to:

  • Subscribers, after watching a video

  • Number of comments

  • Video length

  • Thumbs up/down ratio

  • Click-through rate on YouTube search engine

     Perform keyword research and look out for high-value keywords. Also, keep a check on your traffic source to monitor what people are searching for when they’re viewing your videos.


How to Build audience loyalty on your YouTube Channel:

This is very important as YouTube demands a certain number of hours of watches on your video to count you as eligible video creators. A loyal audience that trusts you can be gained by posting videos that offer solutions to common problems. Also, try to bring in proofs of the credibility of your suggested remedies. When your audience trusts you, they will also believe in the brands you promote. 

By using the above-mentioned tips, you can build huge followership on your YouTube Channel and start earning money from YouTube.



YouTube could be a money-making machine. Following are the ways through which you can start earning money from your YouTube Channel

By creating Product review Videos & use of affiliate links:

If you refer to a product in your video, providing a direct link to that item will lead your viewer to visit the product manufacturer. If your audience decides to buy that product, you can earn through commissions. For this, all you need to do is include the link to buy the reviewed product in the first few lines of your description and speak a few sweet reviews about the same. Using Affiliate Marketing, you can start earning money from YouTube. For more insights on Affiliate Marketing read the article on A Complete Guide to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Avoid crowding of the link everywhere. It works just as the placement of links in blogs.


Become YouTube Partner:

Another way of earning money from YouTube is to become a YouTube partner. As a YouTube Partner, income can be generated in multiple ways. You can earn money from ads before your videos, channel memberships, or Google AdSense banner ads. Though, there are some basic, essential rules to observe before becoming a certified YouTube Partner. Apart from adhering to YouTube’s ad rules, you must assemble a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers.


Make most of your YouTube Marketing Funnel:

Customize your YouTube funnel for sales as per your channel. Pick your niche of videos, gain YouTube partnership, and start planning a marketing funnel. It is always advisable to start a blog in collaboration with your Youtube channel. This way, you write something about the topic in your blog, post a video about it on Youtube, and gain more reach. Some people prefer to read the same thing without worrying about internet speed affecting the buffering of the video. Also, when they read, they might be intrigued to see the thing unfold in video format. This is one way of doubling your income. Using a blog to promote your videos on YouTube is also useful. It helps you collect email ids of the interested audience and contact them.


Become an Amazon Influencer:

The prerequisites to become an Amazon influencer include follower count and other metrics. But the use of affiliate links to recommend valuable products through your Youtube account gets you your share of the commission, which is generally 8-10% of the total sales. 


Is it hard to start earning money on YouTube?

Considering the ever-increasing saturation in various social media platforms, making a profit has become very competitive over the last few years, but it is equally valid for traditional marketing. Earning money on Youtube should not be challenging if what you are serving your audience, is of accurate quality and with in-depth insights. Making money on YouTube is a multi-input funnel mechanism. This becomes a significant advantage for YouTubers.

Even though the income may vary from person to person, it depends solely on how you use the techniques described above and processes and the quality of your videos, their authenticity, and uniqueness.

So if you’ve got the knack for creating magic through the videos you create, YouTube is just the right Marketplace for you!

Very soon, we will be starting a series of videos on tips & tricks of Digital Marketing on our YouTube Channel. You can subscribe us for latest updates.

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How to Outsource Work Without Losing Out on Quality?

Want to outsource your work and don’t want to compromise on the quality of work?


How to outsource work without losing out on quality? Time is one asset every business person is always short of. They are either running behind the expected deadlines or expecting too much. This implies one ever-increasing problem- stress. Hence the market is booming with the craze to outsource work.

This is becoming a common problem experienced by most entrepreneurs with a lesser number of team members and a lot yet to be established. New start-ups suffer from a lack of huge funds, making it difficult to manage and command a large team.

Different businesses have different inherent requirements of tasks to be accomplished and executed.

To make it easy for the team to meet deadlines and get the desired amount of work done within the desired time frame is a pretty frightening challenge in today’s era of price hikes and neck-cutting competition.

Work outsourcing is one very efficient way of getting the work done. But the nagging of quality depreciation is a challenging part of getting over, especially if you are a quality-buff rather than a quantity enthusiast.

With solutions come opportunities, so let’s look at how to outsource work without losing out on quality.

But before we delve deep into the outsourcing tips, it is essential to know what outsourcing means.


What is work outsourcing?


Outsourcing work means to get the task done by someone outside of the team or organization. Outsourcing work is one way to relieve the team of unnecessary pressure of pending deadlines. And on the lighter part of the big picture of conducting the company efficiently.

Outsourcing can be done in many ways, including hiring interns, freelancing, and taking help from call centers to hire potential candidates.

It is of utmost importance to decide what work to be outsourced, the person taking accountability for getting the outsourced work done in time, and keeping a keen eye on the quality of work.


To get the most out of your outsourcing plan, the following points need to be taken care of.

Make a priority list:

This goes without saying that every task needs to be done, implying proper planning and that begins right from making a priority list. Be sure of what needs to be done at the earliest and what can wait.

Decide what can be outsourced:

There are tasks that need to be done but are too little to get your early attention and dedication. An exhausted mind doesn’t work as efficiently as required.

But there are tasks that need to be done at the most precise level but are too important for the team’s success to be handed over to someone completely new to your organization and its expectations.

Hence it is essential to decide what task you really can outsource and what not.

Make a detailed plan of the work to be done and then decide the work to be outsourced based on the following key aspects.

  • Outsource the work which is not very technical and complicated.
  • Figure out what tasks you and your team are not the best at.
  • The kind of work you seem not to be the piece of cake of your organization can be outsourced. Who knows, maybe the person who does it for you might be better at doing it?
  • Decide what work needs to be reviewed before being executed on the ground. You can employ someone with good proofreading skills to review the quality of your work too. This can be a question of your company’s reputation.
  • Create a spreadsheet to track the deadlines and make sure to take timely updates for the same.


What not to outsource?

The thought of getting work done by others can get tempting at times. Who doesn’t love cooked food? Especially if the person is worth the trust.

But the one point to be kept in mind when deciding the appropriate tasks to be outsourced and others that need to be done by your own, careful hands is credibility and its repercussions of failing.

Brainstorm on the aftermath that a slight mistake in the execution of that task can cause. And whether it would be reparable or no.

 If not, do not outsource that work to a newbie. Blame games can only reduce guilt, but not the damage that has already been done.



Work outsourcing done in the right way can yield better results than one can think of. It also introduces variety to the kind of content that comes up as a result of the task being done. Also, it benefits the team by reducing unnecessary pressure and making it easier for team members to focus on more important work. You can outsource your work to a reliable agency or a freelancer.

Also, with the right measures and strict scrutiny of the work being delivered, the risk of quality depreciation can be minimized.

Work outsourcing, therefore, is a healthy practice if appropriately observed.


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Making Money as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing

Making money as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing – An up-to-date guide


It is of rising interest in marketing enthusiasts to make money online, with the internet has brought the world to your doorstep. The most typical of services are now, thanks to the internet, just a click away. Making money as a freelancer in Digital Marketing from home has picked up more popularity ever since the world was locked into their homes owing to the COVID pandemic shutdown.

Suppose you are really interested in earning money online, with no risk of having to leave the comfort and safety of your home. In that case, there are many ways to help your journey of becoming a freelancer easier and more comfortable.

First, let us have a quick look at what becoming a freelancer requires from you as a person?


How to step into the world of freelancing?


Freelancing means taking up projects and providing your skills to firms/clients for a short time duration, which, depending on your interest, relations, and reputation you build, can become your potential long-term employers as well.


Freelancing comes with its perks and challenges, some of which are:

Benefits of freelancing in digital marketing


  • Have flexible working hours, with no bondage, to devote a 6-days a week to your work. As quick and quality-proof work as you can do is all that matters.
  • Choose what you do. You have the liberty to pitch yourself for the skill you want to put to use. This hence ensures better workability from your end and keeps your interest going.
  • No bustling around at work. Since you’re working from the confines of your room or home or whatever -lace you choose to sit and work from, it is entirely your call. Plus, it reduces the disturbance and negativity that a bad co-worker team can cause. This can be a disadvantage, too, if you are an extrovert who likes human interaction a little too much. You might even feel lonely and socially cut-off. The way to overcome this can be going to some coffee shop or your favourite garden and work there, among chirpy fellow humans.


What areas of work can you take up as a freelancer?

You can pick one of the following freelance areas as your niche and try your hands on it. Practice and rigorous projects will slowly help you develop your skills further.



The most appealing of all ways of earning money as a freelancer is as a blogger. Just start writing about what you are passionate about and let your passion bring you money! One of the most important parts of blogging is having patience. The seedling you plant won’t start bearing currency all of a sudden. It will take time to gain traffic on your content through the use of ads and keywords. The more people view and click on your content and advertisements, the more you get paid. But stay hopeful, consistent, and committed.


E-commerce business:

Know some wholesale shops that sell one-of-a-kind items? Or those that can be obtained at super affordable prices? Or can you create something the value of which you are sure of? Well then, e-commerce is the thing for you! Just create an account on valued sites such as Amazon or Flipkart and start selling. Also, stay focused on promoting your brand in the best way possible, making it rank on the top pages of related keyword searches. This ensures better traffic and reach to potential customers.


Social media marketing:

Using the right digital marketing tactics and gaining a loyal follower base on social media, you can launch promotional and advertising campaigns on your social media handles and earn money. The influencer program on sites like Amazon also works via social media and provided you fulfil their requirements of becoming an influencer. It can also be useful for your pocket.


Affiliate marketing:

If you have good convincing and marketing skills, give a shot to affiliate marketing! There is a growing hub of websites that offer you an affiliate fee per customer you refer them to. This is a part of digital marketing that is effective if you are capable of convincing customers as much as possible. The concept of affiliate marketing works like this; if you become a part of the Amazon/Wecommission affiliate program and refer the link of a product or a product itself to some of your acquaintances, you can get a percentage of the sale of that product that happens through your recommendation.


Mobile marketing:

The smartphone is our constant companion. Mobile marketing is one of the latest and most trending digital marketing niches that is gaining fast. With the latest technology advancements and a shift of a major customer base to smartphones, mobile marketing has sprawled into a multi-faceted digital marketing methodology, including in-app advertisements, mobile app development, content design, etc.



Various firms need people with a good skill set in web development. Taking businesses online can be challenging for the businessmen who have been practicing traditional marketing methods ever since. If you are proficient in creating and maintaining a trendy, lucrative, informative, and interactive website, web development can get you a significant amount of money. All you need is the right knowledge and user-focused thought process.



Graphic designing has gained momentum over the years due to changes in web users’ habits. People are attracted more towards graphics and lesser writing. If your content is well-polished and has the appropriate pictures included, it gains more conversion than plainly written text. But this also means good quality and relatable graphic insertion. Poster, flyer designing are trending graphic designing jobs that can be taken up if you have a creative eye and expertise in related software.


Association with a Digital Marketing Agency:

One can get associated with Digital Marketing agencies and can take up different Digital Marketing project.


These are hence some ways for making money as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing.

If you learn the required set of tools and gain a credible reputation as a freelancer among your clientele, you can make money online as a freelancer to a satisfactory extent. The best part about being a freelancer, as I see it, is the liberty to choose the kind of work you wish to do and no long-term associations to be dragged on. Work can be made interesting too, especially if you can work, sitting in a park, under the sunlight filtering through the leaves, and birds chirping in the distance, and your favourite coffee latte and snacks by your side!



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Best Ways To Improve Instagram Video Ads

Let’s Find Out The Ways To Improve Instagram Video Ads


Why focus on Instagram video ads and how to improve Instagram video ads? Let’s find out

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. Hailing now from the Facebook family, Instagram has emerged as one of the most influential and feature-equipped social media hubs. It enables people and firms to connect with like minds and potential growth outlets virtually.

What makes Instagram a lucrative platform for businesses to experiment on and look out for development and growth areas is its vast user base of about 400 million. Also, the features of carousel ads, stories, and video ads are bingo!

Ahead of this, we’re all aware of the fact that people like to see more of visuals. Lesser, concise text and lots of visualization to look at is a trend no business can ignore.

Hence, Instagram video ads are a luring as well as a creative way to create connections with your customers. Like any other advertising campaign, Instagram video ads must rely on their quality to attract an ample number of customers and keep them engaged.

How to improve Insta video ads is just what this article is all about.

The importance of video ads in the form of stories is also enhanced as regular users do not update their stories as much as they do their feeds. This helps advertisers to stand out of the crowd of Insta users and market their product with accuracy.


The following points are a must on how to improve Instagram video ads:


1. The beginning is the most crucial:

This is something one can relate to from personal experience. As a viewer, if one doesn’t find the first few seconds engaging, they hardly give a shot to watching the complete video. Hence, employ your most creative mind to create the video ad’s plot and make it’s beginning as engaging as possible. It should have enough momentum of sound, effects, movement, and visuals to pique the viewer’s interest.


2. Insert text:

Since audio is kept muted by default in Instagram, insertion of text makes a good impression on the viewer and helps convey the vital message even if they can’t hear the audio playing in the background, by using text more than just captions. Use alluring effects to get your important thoughts across to the viewer’s end. Instead, keep in mind not to use too much text and make the video look boring and over-stuffed.


3. Keep your eye on one goal:

Focus on one central theme to weave each ad around. This gives clarity of content to the viewers and prevents vagueness. This could be brand awareness, product insights, or customer reviews. Do not try to cluster all into one single ad. Avoid making your video look like a pitching ad. Instead, tailor it for your customer. This creates a connection between your brand and customers.


4. Shooting in the appropriate dimensions is one of the major ways to improve Instagram Video Ads:

On Instagram, dimensions are the king. In the case of stories, you need to shoot the videos vertically and keep in mind that the video fills the entire screen. The best ads are those that fit into the whole screen. An editor format of 600*600 is recommended, while a 1:1 ratio is the key. The dimensions can be adjusted as and when required, with the same aspect ratio.


5. Please keep it simple:

Make it easy for your customers to track the content you want to direct them. Instead of asking them to go to a link in your bio, try to incorporate a ‘learn more’ option in your ad, which does precisely the same- directs them to the desired web page.


6. Optimizing your landing page can improve Instagram Video ads performance:

If an ad has a learn more option and swiping up, the user lands on a page that is not optimized according to the device they’re using. It creates a wrong impression. Keep the landing page of your website optimized to be accessed via a mobile. This is because Insta is accessed mostly through mobiles.


7. Provide solutions:

We’re all in search of answers to our problems. A good Instagram video ad should identify a problem that your potential customers face and provide a similar solution. This helps develop an emotional bond with them.


8. Brainstorm on the thumbnail selection:

Your video’s thumbnails will decide whether the viewer will turn on the volume, watch your hard work, and finally visit your web page and become a customer. Hence give an ample amount of time to select the best and most alluring thumbnails for your video.


9. Loopable videos:

Try creating loopable videos with the correct fade-in and fade-out effects at the intro and outro, respectively.


These are the points we need to focus on & improve Instagram video ads.

As mentioned earlier, these points will get you through to developing the best Instagram video ads and increase your customer base. The more time you spend in curating an apt video advertisement for Instagram, the more your brand will flourish.

You can start your own advertising agency and cater to the needs of different businesses.

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Benefits of an Online Community

Benefits of an online community in 2020


The Internet is the new fourth world. Every little aspect of human life today is influenced by the Internet to varying degrees. All our basic lifestyle chores are linked to this online world, the fourth world, as we may call it. In this article we will discuss the benefits of an Online Community in 2020.

Building an online community has become the centre of online development. Be it personal or organizational. An online community is imperative because of the various perks that it brings along with the promise of retaining touch, even over a long period.

In the current world status of growing online activity and lesser time to interact, online association with firms and individuals is a big yes!

An online community is an asset that can help one increase their organizational and individual reputation, gain access to customers or services overseas, and enhance productivity.

Unlike what it looks like at first- a sheer no use, an online community can be made one’s most significant asset in the long run, provided they give their best input to building and maintaining it.

Benefits of an online community can be many, but they depend on the kind of stuff you are dealing with. So let us have a quick glimpse into the perks of an online community:


  1.     No geographical limits: 

    One of the most lucrative benefits of being a part of an online community is that one can gain access to people and services beyond their remote location. This is particularly of great importance when one has a business model, the profit of which does not get affected by the cost incurred in transportation distance between the supplier and the consumer. The advantage of this can be seen in the case of student and instructor interface as well. The online community hence serves to bridge the gap between people connected either for personal or professional reasons.


  1.     Easier dialogue: 

    Remember the days of having to call for every little detail you had to discuss? And the irritation of being unable to get a response urgently? If there is one thing the Internet has created a revolution in, it has to be efficiency in terms of dialogue. One now doesn’t have to run miles to know the price of a commodity he needs to buy and decide his budget. One also doesn’t have to wait in long queues to get their simplest of queries answered. It is all available, just a single click away.


  1.     Customer support

    One of the most prominent parts of a business is how one handles the customer. Social customer service can be time consuming and unexpected, hampering the entire schedule. But nothing is more important than a satisfied customer. The loss in customer loyalty is a direct loss to business and is too crucial to be ignored. The use of online forums and discussions streamlines the flow of complaints or questions from the consumer to the provider, saving both cost and credibility as an organization. Furthermore, it helps understand a beneficiary’s expectations from the organization and improves the scope of necessary amendments in policies and tactics.


  1.     The wildfire effect

    If your customers love your service and customer support system, they will spread the word freely over these online forums. Thus enhancing your consumer base. This is a direct profit, which comes as a by-product to the efficiency you show in handling one of the aspects of business. The advertisement that a brand or organization does for itself, is natural and often might fail to clear the doubts pertaining to value for money. On the other hand, reviews and testimonials from other customers influence viewers more.


  1. Reducing costs

    The maintenance of an online community reduces the cost on many levels. This includes reduction in customer support costs, reduction in communication costs and the need to maintain several employees for these jobs.


  1. Collaboration

    Once you’ve set up a worthy enough online community, it becomes an online hub where people connect with like-minded people, over different geographical regions, and share ideas without any bar or censor. This creates an online forum, where customer reviews and comments often do wonders! The routine of a healthy dialogue within a mature community of loyal customers and the organization as a moderator can provide solutions to problems in the most unexpected fashion. Also, it can help to identify flaws in the functioning of the organization, which might go unnoticed otherwise.


Building an online community is hence an unparalleled tactic to provide a major boost to your performance as an organization or individual. It also opens the opportunity to generate Income. This helps aggregate the positives and eliminate the negatives as far as you give proper attention to the process of regulating one.

Click this link to become a part of our growing Online Community

In the words of Bill Gates, The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.




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