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How to Make Money Online via Website

Wondering how to make money online via website?


If you are one of those people looking forward to monetizing your website or blog by sharing your experience, guiding others or recommending various types of things to the people out there, then you are exactly at the right place. Internet Marketing has lately emerged as one of the most lucrative fields in the Digital Marketing universe. Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense being the pillars of Internet Marketing pay pretty well to the bloggers, pondering “how to making money online via website”. Today anyone can create online content and earn money from it. It might sound crazy, but people are actually earning in 6 figures through Internet Marketing.


This article might just help you get a better idea of the online market. So hold tight and read on.



Still not sure about what Adsense and Affiliate Marketing is and how it all works?


Let me break it down for you for better insight as we unleash “how to make money online.”



You must have seen ads on various websites but don’t really know why & how they are there. This is AdSense. Google AdSense is a medium through which a website or blog owner can earn money from their online content. Based on the type of content you post and the kind of visitors or traffic you have, Adsense places ads on your website or blog. The advertisers, who wish to promote their products or services, create and pay for these ads. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount of money you will earn from it will also vary depending upon the ad.



Affiliate marketing includes selling those products which actually belongs to someone else, for a certain percentage of commission. The affiliate simply searches and promotes a product they enjoy, and earn a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

So I’m assuming you must have understood what Adsense is and what Affiliate Marketing is after reading this. Now, are you wondering how does it work? Loosen up; we have got this one for you as well.




First thing first, you must get your website Adsense approved and state that you are ready to publish ads on your website. In order to get your website Adsense approved it must possess the following-

  • Ample amount of content
  • A decent number of visitors
  • A sober website design
  • Pages for- contact us, privacy policy, terms & conditions etc.
    An SSL certificate

Once approved, you will be given access to public ads on your website. It’s entirely on you to decide how many ads you wish to publish on your website and also you get to choose where you want to place them.
Google will then after thorough analysis, place ads of similar nature accordingly on your website from its Adword Program.
The advertiser pays for per click on the ad. Every time there is a click a certain amount is credited in your account.
Apart from clicks the publishers also get paid for the impressions on the ad i.e. every time an ad is viewed by someone.



You make money for clicks as well as impressions.
You need not necessarily be a big shot to earn money online. Micro bloggers too can earn a decent amount.
No need to sell anything. All you need is a value-adding content.




First of all, you must sign-up an affiliate program. It could be a direct affiliation with websites like Amazon etc or it can be a third party affiliation with sites like Cuelinks etc.
Once approved as an affiliate, you can start promoting the products you like on your website by simply placing the affiliate reference links.
If the visitor clicks on the link, he/she will be redirected to the merchant’s website where they can make the purchase.
Depending upon the agreement, every time there is a sale through your link you get a certain amount of money as a commission.



You are free to select your favourite niche that you wish to advertise.
Estimating your income is easier in Affiliate Marketing.
One unique advantage of Affiliate Marketing is, no one can ban or stop you from promoting.


Above mentioned process are the two major ways to make money online via website.


Now the most commonly asked question is which out of the two (Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing) pays more?

This is a very tricky question because for some Affiliate Marketing works better while for others Adsense is more beneficial. And as a blogger, you can’t afford to miss out the opportunities these two together offers.


Still, if you are planning to choose one. Take a look at these points before you make the decision.

  • As compared to Adsense, getting approved for an Affiliate is easier.
  • Affiliate companies offer PayPal etc as a payment method, while AdSense does not.
  • One can find affiliate products for all types of niche, but AdSense is not allowed on a few niches.
  • Affiliate Programs are offered by many big and small companies whereas Adsense is solely managed by Google.


Internet Marketing is an ocean full of opportunities. To cash these opportunities & to make money online via website, all you need to do is learn the skills required, develop yourself accordingly and capture the market. The best part being it doesn’t even demand much. Just a laptop, Wi-Fi connection, some fearless attitude and a lot of patience & you are good to go.

Still dubious about, from to where to learn the skill set of Internet Marketing? Well, we have got this one for you too. Max Digital Academy situated in Alambagh, (with another branch in Indra Nagar) Lucknow is the only Institute in UP to be offering a Government certification in Digital Marketing. With a completely advanced curriculum and an extremely affordable fee structure, Max Digital Academy is definitely your one-shot destination to acquire the digital marketing knowledge & skills.

Digital Marketing is the sky filled with unlimited stars of opportunity, so grab it now

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How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Fresher

Top 5 Ways to get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers in 2020. Select Skills, Master them, Do Internship, Prepare Resume, Crack the Digital Marketing Job.

So you have entered into the field of digital marketing and trying to land your first job, you have come to the right place, I am going to dwell into aspects that I felt most important to get my First Digital Marketing Job as Fresher.

Step 1.  Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers – SELECT what you WANT
How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers


Digital Marketing is one of the most required domains of this century marketing strategist, as the time progress new and updated knowledge and skill comes up with new job opportunities. Given Below are some of the most in Demand Jobs of the decade in which you can plan our career.

Highest Earning Digital Marketing Jobs Ranked By Category for a Fresher:
1. Digital Marketing Manager
2. SEO Executives
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Search Engine Marketing
5. Email Marketing
6.Content Marketing
7.Inbound Marketing
8. Conversion Rate Optimiser

So at the top, we have the Digital Marketing Manager whose responsibility is supervising the complete digital marketing unit of the company or the business. And then the rest of the categories are ranked on the value of their skills.

Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner you only have to focus upon one the skills at a time and develop expertise within it, for eg., you can begin with Search Engine Marketing and get your Skills expertise and updated in it you can move to Social Media Marketing and then develop expertise in that Domain.

It will take time and you have to move step by step, because YES the ultimate goal is to become a digital marketing manager but before you need to develop the expertise into all these verticals.


Step 2.  OPT the RIGHT skill for Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers


So if you starting your journey in digital marketing You will certainly face the challenge of what to start with. As the IT industry is growing and so does the marketing industry to promote them. Also, it leads to dynamicity in the environment and new knowledge and some times a new domain develops.

Below are Mentioned Top 10 Digital Marketing skills To get The Job Right away as a
Fresher :
1. SEO Specialist
2. PPC Executive/specialist
3. Social Media Expert
4. Email Marketing
5. Mobile Marketing
6. Analytics
7. Content Management/Marketing
8. Marketing Automation
9. Viral Marketing
10. Develop Skills with Technology Tools and Platforms.

So you have to master any of these skills. You can become an SEO Specialist, You can become a Social Media Expert or become a content marketer. You have to develop expertise in a few of these skills or even one. The Interviewer won’t be expecting you to know each one of them.

But When I mention Expertise it means you are equipped with small details of that topic and which will come only by practical experience. Let’s Suppose you are interested in Search Engine Optimisation, then You should all about SEO – all elements that come under ON page SEO and OFF page SEO. As well as having a website showing you Optimisation Skills will make it easy for the interviewer to select you.


Step 3.  Understanding RESUME to get Best Digital Marketing Jobs As a


How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

So the biggest mistake that I notice people will generally make in updating and sending there resume is that they will send the same resume to all the companies.

For example, let’s assume that you have expertise in Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing. But if you applying for an SEO related job then you have to Lay the Stress in Your SEO related capabilities or skills such as some SEO related projects that you have done or the strategies that you applied and got the result and summarizing them in a case study of your website.

So you have to think from the interviewer’s point of view the person who is looking for SEO-related candidates won’t be interested in your Social Media Marketing Skills. Also, The Hiring Person won’t be going through each line of your resume he will be scanning them for SEO related Keywords only. So the profile should be focused more on the required skills instead of pouring your background achievements that will certainly decrease the chance of you getting the job.

So Make Sure that you Project your Skills and your work according to the requirement of the job.

Important Points to Consider Before Writing A Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs As
1. What’s Your Target?
2. What is Your Unique Value Proposition?
3. Identifying your Messaging Strategies?
4. Is your Resume Seen?
5. Offer Value?
6. Think From Employer Points of View


Step 4.  Right RESUME with INTERNSHIP for Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers


Having an Internship in Your Resume will Greatly Enhance the Chance of Getting the Job.

As a Company who is Hiring you, no one wants to spend money training you. So if you have done an internship than you will already have experience and that is a benefit for the Hiring Company.

So to get the internship in Digital Marketing Jobs as Freshers you can sign up to these

As the growth of the Digital Marketing industry continues you will be able to find more and more opportunities for Internship. So before stepping into the internship, you have to make the selection of the type of internship that you will do.

Try to get the internship where you can have a comprehensive view of each domain of Digital Marketing rather than Working in a Specific domain like SEO. Working under the umbrella of each domain you will get more experience and knowledge.

Do not View Internships as a way of getting certificates rather proactively work in it. Learn the key skills that are required in the digital marketing work. Getting the certificate should not be your aim rather it should be increasing your knowledge, your experience, sharpening of strategies.

Once You are done with Resume you can Post them On various Websites. One I prefer is Naukri.com as it is one of the biggest portals in India for Job Hiring. And Make Sure your profile should be complete. The more updated and complete your profile is the more chanced increases for Your Resume to be Found.


Step 5.  CLEARING the INTERVIEWS in Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers


Once you are done with developing expertise in the skills, working on your projects and having one or more internships. Then you are almost ready to pitch yourself in the market.

Top 10 Tips For Digital Marketing Job Interview for Freshers
1. Research about a company
2. Create a Job-worthy resume
3. Sell Yourself
4. Think from interviewers mind
5. Being Proactive
6. Giving the right Hook in the interview
7. Showing that you actually care
8. Interview Etiquettes
9. Be Creative
10. Brand Yourself Online

I hope that you find the Digital Marketing Jobs for Fresher’s article helpful. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the efforts of our team in the Comment Box.

Words From Author: Keep you Beginning Humble and Journey Sweet and Your Destination will arrive in no time. Face the Obstacles and handhold your Future, every great person once had the humblest beginning of all and with right Motivation, they achieved what they wanted in their life.

If you want advice from successful personality and wise sayings to determine the right path, then your destination is here SUVICHAR.


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Best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Are you in search of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh?


Going by the stats, Digital Marketing is among the top 5 trending professions across the Globe. It is currently one of the most lucrative professions in India. And the city of Nawabs is also not untouched from this digital wave. Digital Marketing is definitely making a vivid impression on Lucknowites. In this blog we will make an attempt to determine the various opportunities which Digital Marketing makes procurable and the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, offering the course


Digital marketing can be described as any sort of advertising delivered through digital channels which include- search engine, social media, websites and so on. The main focus is to promote and elevate brands through motley forms of Digital Media. The biggest advantage of Digital Marketing is that it gives access to conglomerate


What makes Digital Marketing such a money Spinning

Digital Marketing is a gigantic field in itself. Currently, it is the most prominent and devoured form of marketing. Today every business no matter how big or small comprehends the relevance of showing up on Google. This need for businesses has broadened the horizons of Digital Marketing like anything. Businesses today are into framing budgets for their Digital Marketing campaigns. Noted businesses are said to be spending around 10% of their annual revenue on Digital Marketing. Now Lucknow too is ready to invest in Digital Marketing. Many institutes have opened in a span of 5 years. And it is on you to decide which amongst them is the best Digital Marketing institute in Lucknow.


Uttar Pradesh is one of the most densely populated states of India with a total of 1/5 of India’s population. India can’t see growth without UP growing. And UP can’t grow without Lucknow growing. In the words of Victor Hugo, ‘all the forces in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come.’ And today we can say that Lucknow’s time has come.

Over the last one decade there have been some drastic changes in Lucknow; be it the transformation of Gomtinagar into a hub for companies to start off their business or transition of our beloved Hazratgunj into the shopping paradise of the city. From our ultra hi-tech metro to our 1st international cricket stadium, the city of Nawabs has witnessed it all.

From being discouraged for its laid back Nawabi culture to now emerging as an IT hub for the country Lucknow has come a long way. This new age Lucknow is not just about Chicken Kaari and the Tundey Kababi. This Lucknow is beyond nawabs and kababs.

Home for 400 plus startups which includes food, logistic, e-commerce, education and a lot more. The day is not far when Lucknow will be known for its startup ecosystem. It is emerging as a favoured choice among budding entrepreneurs to kick off their ventures.

Today every state is putting its best foot forward in supporting startup culture; Uttar Pradesh is the new entry to the club. The state of Uttar Pradesh is all set to witness the country’s biggest incubator coming up at Lucknow having announced a Rs 1000-crore startup fund.

Since all these blooming businesses need expert digital marketeers to make their presence felt and show up on the search engines. This makes digital marketing career an opportunistic choice in Lucknow



People today are way too much preoccupied with technology. Businesses around need an online strategy to prosper today.

Digital marketing is the need of the hour and hence it is required by established business as well as by startups. This is giving startups access to competing with national and international brands with limited budget marketing. Digital marketing is helpful in more than one way; some of them are as follows-

  • WORLDWIDE REACH– Digital marketing allows you to discover new markets worldwide giving you access to carry out your business at a global level.
  • LESS EXPENSIVE– As compared to a traditional marketing campaign, a properly planned and conceptualized digital marketing campaign would cost you way less. It is a very economical option.
  • TRACKABLE– The results of a digital marketing campaign can be easily measured with web analytics and other online tools which make the job easier for businesses.
  • PERSONALIZATION– Digital marketing gives you access to build a personal touch with your customers.



Lucknow is a flourishing market of young entrepreneurs and there are ample amount of opportunities to be grasped.

Digital marketing is probably the most exhilarating profession of modern times, given one knows his job well. Aspire to be an ace digital marketer? Digital marketing is an umbrella term which encompasses a number of aspects such as; SEO, Website development, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce marketing and so on.  Learn this art of digital marketing from the best digital marketing institute in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and give wings to your dreams. Now, are you in search of the best digital marketing institute in Lukcnow? Give us a chance. We do not claim to be THE BEST in the field but your experience with us would definitely be worth it. And the rest is up for you to decide.


We are MAX DIGITAL ACADEMY a premier award winning digital marketing institute in Lucknow offering the best digital marketing course in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. At Max Digital Academy we are strongly dedicated to training our students with the latest tricks and techniques which help in making our students stand out of the lot. We equip our students with job-ready technologies as per the industry standards.


Our corporate office is located in Singar Nagar near Alambagh, one of the most important residential and commercial areas of  Lucknow and also one of the most densely populated areas of the city.


Our sole objective is to provide an in-depth digital marketing tutelage to our students through our comprehensive and advanced curriculum. We provide complete practical exposure to our students at the same time laying a lot of emphases on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and approach. Our Training Methodology is way more advanced and our curriculum is way ahead from that of any other institute in Lucknow which makes us one of the most preferred choices for learning Digital Marketing course in Lucknow.

We provide real-time support to our students in case if they encounter any kind of problem during the course of the program or even after completion of the program. We strictly abide by: Once a Student Always a Student. That’s our motto.  Our Alumni can attend specific sessions with prior appointment at Max Digital Academy with no extra cost. Click this link to see what our alumni say about their training experience with us. 



  • We offer a very affordable fee structure for our students
  • We are the only digital marketing institute in the whole of Uttar Pradesh offering a government certification in Digital Marketing
  • Max digital academy provides guaranteed internships to its students.
  • Max Digital Academy firmly believes in elongating a helping hand to its students hence we provide full placement support to each and every student.
  • Here you will learn the most advanced digital marketing techniques which the industry demands at the moment.


Max Digital Academy welcomes you for a discussion so as to explore how this digital marketing training can help you grow in your career or help in the growth of your business or how it can help in getting multiple job opportunities. 


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