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Max Digital Academy is ranked among Top 10 most Promising Digital Marketing Training Brands in India 2019 by Silicon India

Who can take benefit of learning Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Course for Students


Superb relief for students post Intermediate to stabilize the Career with infinite opportunities coming up in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course for Professionals


Cut the ribbon to seek a swift growth in your field achieving new milestones by adapting Digital Marketing as a skill

Digital Marketing course for Freelancer


Leisure your earnings from the comfort of your working space by polishing yourself with Digital Marketing skills

Digital Marketing Course for Homepreneur


Getting bored! Learn Digital Marketing and start generating your own income. Become a professional while managing your home



Digital Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs


Want to promote your Business? Learn Digital Marketing skills, do it yourself and save your resources



Why Join Digital Marketing Course With Us?


Advance Course Curriculum


Internship Integrated Course


Full Placement Support


MDA Offers Highly Valuable Govt. Cert. Course in Digital Marketing.


One to One Mentoring by Industry People


Live Online Classes


Learn & Master the Best Industry Tools


Ranked Among India's Top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Training Brand 2019

Advance Dual Certificate in Digital Marketing


Core Curriculum Topics of ADCDM Course


Digital Marketing Overview

Website Planning & Creation

Lead Generation For Business

Graphic Designing

Email Marketing

Google Ads & PPC Ads

Social Media Marketing

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization


Content Marketing

Mobile Web Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Online Display Advertising

Adsense & Blogging

Affiliate Marketing


Interview Prepration & Doubt Clearing Session

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Social Media Marketing Boot Camp


A 10 hrs course specifically curated for budding Social Media Freelancers & Influencers.


You are going to learn –

# Introduction to Social Media
# Facebook Profile vs Page vs Group
# How to increase engagement on Facebook Page/Group
# How to optimize Facebook Page
# How to optimize Instagram Profile
# How to become Instagram Influencer
# How to monetize Instagram Profile
# How to generate Leads(Organic & Inorganic)
# Facebook Paid Ads Creation & Execution
# How to start earning as a Freelancer

Bonus Skills –
Graphic Designing using Canva or Effective PPT Creation (Select any one)

After completion of the Boot Camp you can start working as a Freelance Social Media Marketer, Start your job as Social Media Marketer, You can become a Social Media Influencer & start earning. 

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