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Skills required, Career Scope, Salary, Future and Opportunities in Search Engine Optimization in India.

Gone are the days when we use to bank upon T.V. and radio for promotions and advertising. Now digital marketing or to be more precise & specific SEO is the need of the hour. Now the question that will arise is how Search Engine Optimization works. Well, loosen up.  There are many students, working professionals and even entrepreneurs for that matter, out there who are still dubious of what SEO is. But the brighter side of the story is that today everyone in the business world comprehends the relevance of showing up on Google. We are here to help you get rid of all your SEO related fuss.


There are so many people out there who think that their job is done as soon as a website is launched. Contrary to this belief, the real work actually begins after the launch of a website. One has to make sure that their website is being made visible among thousands of their competitor websites. But how do we achieve this? Here the work of Search engine optimization comes into focus.



With so much hype around SEO, let us help to break it down for you.


We all know that as soon as we type a query on search engine a list of search results appears which are pertinent to our search term. This is the result of Search Engine Optimization. It helps to
increase our visibility on the search engine and also helps to reach out to
more and more customers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of refining the organic ranking of a website with the leading search engines. Website rank is a very integral aspect for any kind of business whether it is small or a large scale company.


Some of the main factors considered by search engines when ranking a particular website are the placement of keywords in a peculiar content on the website and also the number of links to that website.  Few other prominent factors include link quality, internal site linking structure and the site’s age.


Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella term which includes a number of different strategies. There are a number of ways to improve your website’s ranking through SEO; you only need to pinpoint exactly what is best for business.



1. Keyword

It happens to be the most important factor contributing to the success or failure of SEO. Search engine optimization keyword research is very crucial to a successful SEO campaign. It refers to the words and phrases present in your content that makes it possible for people to ascertain your website. A lot of planning and hard work goes in to obtain the best possible combination of keywords for a particular website. A perfect combination of keywords helps you to amplify your audience size.

2. Link building

In today’s scenario, every single marketer ought to be interested in the process of link building.  It helps accelerate the traffic on your website by increasing its outreach. Getting your website/brand linked to the high-valued websites will, in turn, enhance the authority of your own website.

3. Social Media Campaign

Social media has emerged as one of the most important factors in driving modern websites, in fact, it is quintessential for your website’s success. For your website to be successful in every sense you need to acquire links through social media campaigns and that too of proficient quality.

4. Lead Generation

As we already know that keywords are used to increase your site’s search rank. These keywords are of great relevance as they help the customers to detect your content and follow the link back to your site. And if they like what they see, they may sign up. This becomes a lead.

5. On page SEO

On page SEO is – What your site is all about? On page SEO deals with optimizing the content as well as other aspects of your website so as to enhance the ranking of your website on the search engine.

6. Off page SEO

Off page SEO is all about how much authority your site has? Off page SEO is a technique to build up some exposure for your business in the online world. In this all you have to do is, try to increase the authority of your domain by the act of getting links from other websites.

7. Local SEO

Local SEO is a lot different from the traditional concepts of SEO. Under this, strategies are framed especially for local businesses in order to increase their presence on the search engine and also to enhance their outreach. It is of great assistance for business seeking exposure.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here are some fun facts that will blow your heads off:

  1.  There are approx 2.3 million searches per second on Google
  2. Google analyzes over 200 factors for a search yet delivers results in 1/8th of a second
  3. The search index of Google has over 100 million gigabytes of data and growing
  4. More that 58% of searches are happening on Mobile devices since October 2015
  5. Approx 70% of global users begin their internet experience with Google
  6. More that 75% users do not scroll past first page results

Can you now imagine how colossal the market space on Google is?

Not surprisingly conventional businesses today are fighting for their space online. Ideas which were considered innovative a decade ago has turned into extremely competitive domains. And so to make sure that your business stands out of the lot, an effective SEO strategy is what you need.


Let’s delve a little into Search Engine Optimization Career Opportunities and wade away all the SEO related quarries for the advantage of those stepping into the SEO field. Here’s helping you all a tad bit with your investigation of probably the most lucrative and exhilarating world of SEO.



  1. Rising Demand– Today each and every business, no matter how big or small understands the importance of showing up on Google. The only thing which can work here is SEO, and that’s the reason the demand for SEO is so high. If you are into online marketing, SEO is your need. And so the demand for good SEO experts is high and is constantly on the rise.
  2. Scope– Search engine optimization is an upcoming hot career opportunity in India. It is not just a career option anymore but a skill that one must possess which actually helps in building a career in Digital Marketing. So, you can expect more opportunities to work in the Internet Marketing industry.
  3. Heads up web designers- Let us break the ice for you; intelligent customer hopes and wants that when they contract some individual to build their website, the site should be SEO-friendly. They are well aware of the value of ranking on Google. If you are a web designer and want to continue it as your career, then you ought to learn some SEO skills without which the survival is difficult. SEO has the power to increase your pay as well as decrease it if you don’t know it well.
  4. Money factor- Time for the most frequently asked question… What are the salary aspects of SEO? This might come to you as a surprise, but the pay scale for an SEO expert is somewhat similar to and at times much higher than that of an engineer, developer or a marketer. The average package for an SEO expert is around 3lac. p.a.   Solo SEO expert, you can even make more profit as a freelancer.


  • Search engine
    optimization expert
  • Search engine
    optimization specialist
  • Search engine
    optimization analyst
  • Search engine
    optimization manager
  • Search engine
    optimization marketing strategist.

As I have mentioned above, SEO is not only a profession choice anymore but it is an important must-have skill, which will help you conglomerate your Career in Digital Marketing successfully.


This blog is submitted by our student Tanu Sinha (founder of MOHMAYA a Fashion & Food Blog )

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