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Shweta Ratanpura – Success comes to those who work for it.

In the 45th edition of World Skills Competition, held at the KAZAN EXPO International Exhibition Centre in, Russia. A total of 63 countries took part in the event. 48-member contingent including Shweta Ratanpura, represented India at the event. The team participated in 44 various categories like mobile robotics, prototype modeling, etc.

World Skill competition is an event that sees young talents from all corners of the world to come together and compete for the prestigious medal in their chosen field. This year the event saw more than 1340 candidates from 63 different countries come together, wherein India managed to secure 13th position. The participants competed in 56 skills across an array of industries — from joinery to floristry; hairdressing to electronics; and auto-body repair to bakery.

 India registered several firsts at the International Competitions both in terms of participation and winning this year and won 19 awards, including one gold one silver and two bronze

 Shweta Ratanpura, a graphic designer from Ahmedabad, becomes the first ever woman candidate from India to win a medal in the World Skill.  She made the country proud by winning a bronze medal in the graphic design category.

 In the honor of Shweta Ratanpura and other participants, the Skill Ministry released a statement saying, “Blazing a trail of glory for India at the global stage, the 48-member Indian team returned with the best-ever finish at the WorldSkills International Competition 2019 in Kazan, Russia by winning 19 medals and medallions of excellence.”

Apart from Shweta Ratanpura’s bronze in graphic designing, the Indian contingent bagged a gold in water technologies; a silver in web technologies; and bronze in jewelry and graphic designing.

It is such an absolute pleasure and a sheer bliss to see Indians, especially women achieving so much at a global level. No wonder they are referred as Global Indian Women. Setting mile stones in a field like Graphic Designing & Web Technologies which were not even considered a mainstream career choice a decade ago, they have indeed come along way.

The importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing cannot be stressed enough. Graphic Designing is one of the major components in the digital marketing world in order to build brand awareness and influence the customer’s purchasing decision. Today, almost every product &service is being promoted via Digital Marketing which incorporates the use of graphic designing.


The most pervasive art today; Graphic Designing, has provided a new meaning to digital marketing. Adding a modern touch to a company’s advertisement profile with minimal efforts and simplified design, this tool has proven to be of great relevance. Today everyone in the business field wants to wipe out their competitors completely from the market. Entrepreneurs, now can only survive if their marketers comes up with something more appealing and out of the box for their commercial scheme..

As compared to any other online marketing campaigns, graphics work wonders. To appease the target group, graphic designing proves to be of great use as the concept of using visual elements has always had a mass appeal and catches a lot of attention. Today, it is the most fundamental factors that affects the success of digital marketing campaign.


  1. Brand Identity-

This is the era of globalization and no one can deny the relevance of brand identity at a global level. With the help of graphics designing, a company makes its own intellectual identity and stays in a distinct status. A good brand identity or logo can attract various potential traders and customers.

  1. Convey Brand Message-

    Today the message that we try to convey through words attracts very less people and it may not necessarily be able to withhold the interest of the audience. This is where graphics designing play a very vital role. It provides a lot of relevant and necessary information in a creative way and forms. A good graphic has the power to attract near about 85% more people that any usual text can and has proven helpful in withholding the interest of its readers. People tend to read even more if they are captivated by the graphics.

  1. Graphics are the Story Tellers

Good graphics along with perfect visuals can recite the whole story and can leave an ever lasting impression on its readers’ minds. A perfectly created graphic in sync with carefully woven words tells the success stories of the firm and helps creates a personal connect between the potential customers and the company.

This describes the relevance and scope of Graphic Designing in the present scenario. Business today just cannot survive without it.  Hence it is a career choice to opt for.

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This article is submitted by Tanu Sinha(Founder of MOHHMAYA.COM )

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