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The Competition in the Online market is touching the sky. New sites are showing up now and then and securing their place on the internet. Hence this the right time for you to start investing in the process of SEO. Your website must be of a set standard and must qualify certain norms set by search engines like google and bing to rank on them and this is where the role of SEO strategy comes in focus.
Those of us who are into digital marketing identify the relevance of SEO and are aware of the latest trends of SEO. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the Top SEO Strategies , we bring you a list of best SEO hacks.

1. Optimize your website for mobile/mobile UX experience- Making your site’s user experience (UX) better can, directly and indirectly, help with your SEO. Better user experience directly helps in better ranking on SERP because Google notices and knows the bounce rate and the pogo-sticking of the viewers after landing on your page or website. Websites not having UX for mobile phones may lose ranking in the years to come. Going by the stats 4 out of 5 users prefer searching on phones rather than desktops. According to the new algorithm, Google bots will crawl & index websites which are mobile-friendly rather than the ones which are just desktop-oriented.  

2. Usage of Keywords & H1 tag- Your headings are not only important in order to drive the attention of your readers but also plays a crucial role in the SEO process. The H1 tag helps the crawlers in knowing and understanding what your website is all about. These crawlers are more interested in the H1 H2 & H3 tag. These acts as an open door for the bots to analyse your website. Talking about the relevance of keywords, the whole game revolves about them. Selection of the most appropriate keyword long-tail and short-tail keyword is very important for the better ranking of your content. With the help of tools like Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, Semrush, we can obtain the most relevant keywords for our articles.

3. Monitor trends-If you don’t have the Google Search Console & Google analytics set up, you’re probably shooting an arrow in the dark. These two tools together are like a dashboard that lets you know how your site is doing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). There are a lot of other cool features, these two offers. Probably you don’t need them regularly but I insist to check the report daily.

4. Target other search engines-Google is the biggest search engine and there are no two ways about it. But not to forget that other competitors are also trying their best to capture the top position. So apart from Google, one must also pay equal attention to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc which are also used worldwide.  

 5. Have a look at your loading time-   You may have the best UI experience, top-notch content and everything right but if your load time is more than 3 sec, your whole game is spoiled. No one wants to wait that long. Your readers will immediately turn towards your competitors’ if you don’t manage your load time. The loading speed plays a vital role in attracting traffic and ultimately in getting better ranking. Google’s Page Speed Insights is a tool which analyses the page loading speed of the site and suggests some measures for more optimization.

6. Secure your site with SSL- A secured and private website is always welcomed by the readers and viewers. In fact, secured websites rank higher than the ones which are not. All you gotta do is convert your HTTP into HTTPS protocol. And this status is achieved via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. With this not only an encrypted connection is formed between your browser and server but it also acts as one of the top factors in boosting search engine rankings. Websites like GoDaddy Bigrock provide SSL certificate. If you want free SSL go to “let’s encrypt” which is a non-profit organization having the aim to secure all sites prevailing online.

7. Internal Linking is important-One of the easiest and simplest SEO practice is Internal Linking. All you gotta do is add the link of your one page to another. And if you want to get the most out of internal linking them use Keyword Rich Anchor Text. Google uses such anchor text as a clue to what a page is all about.

8. Optimise image for SEO- The purpose of doing image SEO is not just to make it rank in the Google images. A recent study has revealed that proper SEO of the images will help your website also rank higher in the search result. So if there are images on your page, make sure they are properly optimised. And luckily doing that is pretty easy. 

 9. Enhance social reach-Today social media is the part and parcel of life. It’s next to impossible to go without using or checking or even updating your social media a day. Business today rely a lot on social media to maintain their public relation and also for their growth. It not only provides you with a platform to showcase and promote your products and services but also help in building your brand. Most prominent social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offers both free and paid campaigning strategies that help boost the brand among masses and also enhances sales.


There are a thousand & one things that you can do in order to get a better ranking on Google. All a consumer wants is most relevant and value-adding content from your end. Hoping these Top SEO Strategies for the year 2020 helps you in some or the other way.

This article was written by our student Tanu Sinha owner of Mohhmaya

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