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    SEO Course Updated

    SEO Course 2023 – A Complete Basic to Advanced Guide for Mastering SEO

    Want to know the secret of how to get your site to rank on top of SERPs? Let me tell you the secret to this skill that takes years to acquire.

    After this Live Online Workshop of 3 weeks, you too can take your website to the top of the Search Engine Result Page. 

    In this 3 weeks live online SEO course you will be able to –

    Bring traffic to your website organically

    Generate high-quality Lead

    Setting up and maintenance of Google Search Console & Analytics

    Build quality backlinks

    Use of Paid SEO Tools

    Search Engine Optimization Mastery Course
    SEO Course in Lucknow 2023
    Advance Level SEO Course Curriculum Details

    Digital Marketing is rapidly growing and evolving. Being one of the leading Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow we had to keep up with this rapid growth and never-ending job opportunities. So we have designed this special SEO Course that will give theoretical knowledge along with practical experience. 

    • What is Search Engine?
    • Search Engines and their functioning
    • Process of Search Engine
    • What is SEO?
    • Basics of Search Engine Optimization
    • Benefits of Search Engines for Business
    • Title Optimization
    • Description Optimization
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Internal Linking
    • Heading Optimization
    • Keyword Placement
    • Outbound & Inbound Linking
    • LSI Keyword
    • Image Optimization
    • URL Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • Meta Tag Optimization
    • HTML Tag Optimization
    • How to Create Effective Title & Description
    • What is OFF Page?
    • What is Link Building?
    • What is Do Follow & No Follow & UGC & Sponsored Links?
    • What is Link Juice?
    • What is DA & PA & Spam Score
    • Link Building Activities
    • Directory Submission
    • Article Submission
    • Business Listing
    • Classified Ads
    • Profile Creation
    • Social Bookmarking
    • PPT Submission
    • PDF Submission
    • Infographic Submission
    • Web 2.O
    • Guest Posting
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Analytics
    • Sitemap
    • Canonical Tag
    • Robots.txt
    • Schema Markup
    • HTTP Status Code
    • Page Redirects
    • Google Page Speed Insight
    • Robots Meta Tag
    • Open Graph Tag
    • Bing Webmaster Tools
    • Google Tag Manager
    • What is Local SEO?
    • What is Citation?
    • What is NAP?
    • What is Google Business Profile?
    • How to Rank Locally?
    • Google Updates
    • SSL
    • TLD Domain & CCTLD Domain
    • Dwell Time

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    Search Engine Optimization Course

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    • Get an exclusive 10-day training session on link building
    • Get practical knowledge of paid tools   
    • Get some hacks to maintain an SEO friendly website

    This course will help you unfold the mystery of SEO. Let’s together explore, learn and earn with this 3 weeks SEO course in lucknow. These 3 weeks will be fun and informative and make you capable of achieving your goal

    SEO Course FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is a process of improving the website to gain quality and quantity of targetted traffic through organic search results. This process involves creating high-quality content, optimizing the content to provide a good user experience, building quality backlinks, and social sharing. Search engine optimization is all about improving the ranking of the website on the organic search engine result page.
    SEO has always been a dynamic world, the criteria to rank up your website have never been constant. This ever-evolving part of digital marketing has a lot to offer when it comes to learning and employment.

    Career Opportunities in SEO?

    SEO is an emerging field that provides abundant opportunities. SEO has a lot to offer like:
    SEO Trainee or Fresher: Learning and handling basic SEO such as creating titles, keyword research.
    SEO Executive: Handling On-Page and Off-Page of the Website
    Link Builder: Creating high-quality backlinks
    SEO Analyst: Creating plans and strategies for on-page and off-page SEO
    Sr. SEO Executive/SEO Expert: Implements SEO strategies and plans
    SEO Content Writer: Writes quality content, blogs, etc.
    SEO Lead/Team Leader: Handling of multiple SEO projects and teams
    SEO Consultant: Offers suggestions and advice on SEO, content, social sharing, paid ads, etc
    SEO Manager: Defining tasks, resources, and overall strategies for projects
    There are a lot of vacancies for these posts you get paid from 10k -15k as an intern to around 1.5L as SEO Manager per month.

    Join one of the leading SEO Course in India and get multiple bonuses. 

    Why SEO is important in Digital Marketing?

    SEO technique enhances the usability and user experience of a website, it is not focused on search engine ranking.
    It helps a lot in promoting a website or brand. Users who find a website ranking higher sometimes share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    This helps in increasing the number of customers on your website and keeps you in the competition. One out of two websites from the same field has more visitors and customers, which has a higher ranking in the search engines. This is because users trust the search engine and usually consider the website with a higher ranking.

    Do I need to learn SEO?

    SEO is a vast field increasingly providing employment and giving growth to online businesses. Learning SEO gives you a lot of job opportunities. If you are starting your own business having the knowledge of SEO will drastically reduce your investment as you can bring your website to SERPs. If you want to earn then work as a freelancer then SEO is in high demand. It has great growth in the upcoming future. Learning SEO will help you stand out and above your competition. So what are you waiting for learn and start earning with SEO!!

    Why SEO is important for small business?

    The benefits of SEO for small businesses are endless. Since Google ranks websites that provide the best content to users, many tactics and strategies that improve SEO also make your website a more effective place for users.

    1. Establish brand awareness
      When you focus on SEO, you get more traffic to your website. This increases your brand awareness to encourage more people to buy your products/services.
    2. Improves the usability of your website
      Google has announced that the usability of your website will help you rank higher in search engines. They want their users to discover quality content, so they give preference to websites that create content and web pages with this in mind.
    3. Increase sales through inbound leads
      People are already searching for the product/service on search engines when they find you. This means the consumer found you which means less work to do for sales. Unlike outbound sales, which requires phone calls, emails, etc.

    Eager to learn more about Digital Marketing?

    Marketing these days is taking a new turn. As the use of the online platform is increasing, brands are also turning to Digital Marketing. This has increased the need for digital marketers who can handle various aspects of marketing mainly SEO, SMM, Website Designing Etc.

    Other than this extensive SEO course in Lucknow Max digital academy has a lot to offer.
    Our Specially constructed and updated course Advance Dual Certificate in Digital Marketing is just the solution for all the marketing needs. Learn all the skills one needs to boost a brand and be the best version of yourself. This course will help you get a closer insight into Digital Marketing as a whole.

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