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Program Details

Ultimate Social Media Influencer Program

Unfold the secrets of Social Media & Start your exciting journey as Social Media Influencer

Ultimate Social Media Influencer Program Overview

This Ultimate Social Media Influencer Program is designed to help you build the skills required for being a Social Media Influencer. In this Social Media Marketing Course, you will also learn to optimize Facebook & Instagram business accounts. Also, Learn to run Facebook Paid Ad Campaigns & Instagram Paid Ads Campaign via Live Online Classes. Through this ultimate Social Media Influencer Course, you will master all of Social Media Marketing including Ads Strategy, Reputation Management, Influencer Marketing, and Analytics.

Instagram Influencer Program

Key Features of Ultimate Social Media Influencer Program   


7 days Live Online Training Program

Life Time Mentor Support

Utilize Popular Social Media Platforms ( Facebook & Instagram )

3 days Money Back Guarantee 


This Exclusive 7 days Social Media Influencer Program deals with

Social Media platforms are growing so rapidly so are the influencers. Influencers are those who have a good knowledge of their niche and delivers quality content to their audience through creative ways and some strategies to enhance their growth. A person having a following of 5000 people over Instagram, can earn good bucks. You too can be one of them, this updated roadmap to becoming Social Media Influencer will help you achieve the desired results on Social media.

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media and its Benefits
  • How Social Media Help Businesses
  • Facebook Business Page & Group Optimization
  • How to generate organic Reach on Facebook
  • Facebook Ad Creation & Optimization
  • Understanding Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Creator Studio
  • Instagram Growth Hacks
  • Hashtag Optimization
  • Monetizing Instagram
  • How to Start your Career as an Influencer
  • Elements of Graphic Designing
  • Create Amazing Designs using Canva

Who can take benefit of the Advance Social Media Marketing Course

Pro Social Media Marketing Course
  • Student: Tired of all the mainstream jobs? Then get paid for what you like. Work as an influencer or social media manager or social media analyst.
  • Freelance: Don’t like working on others’ terms. Work for yourself, with our ultimate social media influencer program you can be a social media marketer and work on projects you desire.
  • Budding Entrepreneurs: With all this pandemic situation your business needs social media more than ever. Build your brand, get words about your out there and manage all this on your own less investment with booming results what else does business require.
  • Home Makers: Bored in the house doing regular chores, get something exciting to do, and earn from home. Work part-time as Social Media Strategist and get the income you desire.
Program Details


A Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Advance Social Media Marketing Course Overview

 Social Media is one such tool whose relevance can’t be ignored at any cost. In order to take full advantage of what the web has to offer one must have a full understanding of different social media platforms. We train our students for both marketing and optimization for their social media handles.

pRO sOCIAl Media Marketing Course

Key Features of Advance Social Media Marketing Course


 21 days Live Online Training Program

Life Time Mentor Support

Proper Utilization of Popular Social Media Platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkdin & Youtube )

5 days Money Back Guarantee 


This Exclusive 21 days Social Media Marketing course deals with

Social Media is taking up a good space in the Digital Marketing sector, therefore, needs a lot of manpower. Max Digital Academy thrives to provide one of the best Social Media Marketing courses in Lucknow. To fulfill this aim we have designed this course to make you industry-ready. Without wasting a lot of time let’s dive into what we got for you.

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media and its Benefits
  • How Social Media Help Businesses
  • Understanding of Social Media Algorithm

  • How Social Media Marketing is Different from others
  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Differentiating, Creating & Optimizing Facebook Profile, Page & Group
  • Understanding Facebook Creators studio
  • Understanding, Creating & Optimizing Paid Ads
  • Introduction to Instagram
  • Understanding, Creating & Optimizing Business Account
  • Understanding Instagram insights
  • Hashtag Mastery
  • Understanding, Creating & Optimizing Instagram Ads
  • How to become an Instagram Influencer and start earning
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Understanding Twitter Algorithm 
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Understanding LinkedIn Algorithm
  • Understanding, Creating & Optimizing LinkedIn Profile and Page
  • Introduction to Pinterest
  • How to promote business through Pinterest
  • Introduction to Quora
  • How to get traffic to your website through Quora
  • Introduction to Youtube
  • Creating & Optimizing a YouTube Channel
  • Learning how to rank Video
  • How to Monetize Youtube Channel

Career Course offered by Max Digital Academy

Social Media Marketing is a fragment of a huge scenery which is Digital Marketing. These courses will cover how social media marketing is growing but the growth of the digital world is tremendous it includes a lot of career scopes. If this amazing world of opportunities fascinates you why not get all the details. Our Advance Dual Certificate in Digital Marketing course covers all the possible aspects of Digital Marketing with Government Certification in Digital Marketing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Course FAQ

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is all about the strategic way to use Social Media to enhance the growth of a particular brand. This includes building a connection with the audience, introducing yourself and your product. Major Social Media Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Quora.
The core pillars of Social Media Marketing are building a strategy, planning and publishing posts, engaging with the audience, analyzing the growth, and maintaining a report, and Advertising.
Social Media Marketing is yet another growing field with a lot of opportunities to offer. After learning about Social Media Marketing and Management, you can apply for multiple jobs like social media manager, Social Media Executive, Social Media Marketing Analyst, Paid Marketing Specialist, and many more.

Is Social media marketing a good career?

With growing Social Media platforms and their users, the need for Social Media Marketers is also increasing. After learning Social Media Marketing you will have a lot of opportunities coming your way. One could easily opt for freelancing, choose from various job options, or grow their own brands without much of an investment.
Brands these days are using social media to grow the traffic on their websites and make people aware of the new services, products, or trending news. This increasing number of platforms with an ever-increasing number of users has given rise to the problem of maintaining these platforms which in turn requires a skilled marketer to make the desired growth happen.

Where to learn social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a growing field and it’s high time to start learning the art of harnessing the power of Social Media.
To help you with this challenge we at Max Digital Academy, providing the most  Advance Digital Marketing course in Lucknow, offer you specially designed courses that will cover all basics to advanced social media strategies and functioning.
The courses offered are:
Ultimate Social Media Influencer Program: This course covers the basics of social media & its functioning and features. This program will help you get some advanced strategies on how to build yourself as a Social Media Influencer and market your services through social media. It also covers the need, use, and application of Facebook and Instagram ads.
Pro-Social Media Course: This is a basic to advanced guide that covers the basic functioning of various social media platforms and their features. This Course lets you understand and build a strategy that will help boost your growth. This program also includes the use and management of paid ads to boost your growth.

How effective is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing includes posting the content of your website on Social media, sharing images and videos of your products, services, and business, and connecting with potential and current customers through social platforms.
This gives your brand a newfound audience and increases the chances of conversions. Social Media acts as a platform for brand awareness taking the brand a step closure to the audience and maintaining the trust of the people.
Social Media also plays a major role in online reputation management and engaging with the audience also increases the trust of the audience in the brand

How do I get a job in Social Media Marketing?

Landing a job in Social media marketing is not a tough nut to crack but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one too.
To get a job in Social Media Marketing one needs to:
Understand what is the right role for them i.e. you have to have a deep understanding of a particular role.
Have a presence on social media platforms which means you have to optimize your own profile and showcase your skills.
Have knowledge of the role of your choice and dig in deep to have a maximum understanding of the topic at hand.
Get experience in the desired role by working as a freelancer or as an intern for some time. This will give you the required experience and practical knowledge.
Use Social Media to find a job: This will surely make you stand out from the lot.
Design an impressive resume that catches attention and reflects on your core skills.

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