What is an Internship?

Top 5 Benefits of Internship in 2021 [Updated]


In this article, we have tried to clear confusions about ‘What is an Internship?’ An internship is a practical experience, which was earlier offered to Medical students during the MBBS course. But nowadays, it is being provided by many colleges and institutes. Following the procedure, students are sent to many hospitals, institutions, and companies. After completing the internship, students are also supposed to write a thesis about it. In which they are supposed to describe what they have learned during their training. In this blog, we are going to learn more about the benefits of doing an internship in 2021

During the internship, the students can work with a company, hospital, or industry for 2 to 6 months to gain experience. The primary purpose of the internship training is to gain practical knowledge and be industry-ready. That is why nowadays, Medical, Engineering, and Management Colleges offer and encourage internships and courses.

Nowadays, companies prefer to hire somebody who has not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge. Because there are so many things which you cannot understand by only reading a book for that internship comes very handy. By being an intern, one understands the work culture of an institution or business. During the training period, people learns about the technical aspects, soft skills, and how to work as a team.


Types of internship-

There are two types of internships-


Paid Internship:

The person who does the training is paid a certain amount.


Unpaid Internship:

The person who does the unpaid internship is not paid any money but instead given a certificate that helps him to find a job.


Benefits of Intersnhip

The benefits of doing an internship in 2021-

There are many benefits of an internship, which are described in detail below-


1. Practical Knowledge:

During the training period, the intern gets practical knowledge that theory alone cannot explain. So when an intern steps into an actual work environment. They learn all the small details and many important things, such as communication skills, soft skills, social skills, team-player, and many other essential items.


2. Being Punctual:

During college, students don’t give much importance to time. But in the industrial world punctuality is crucial, because an employee is supposed to reach office on time. If you reach college late, that is not much of an issue, but you face a penalty such as a deduction in salary if you reach the office late. It is essential to finish the work on time given to you because, in an organization, you are connected to other employees. If you don’t spend your work on time, it will affect everyone else and create a problem.


3. Helps to Find a Job Opportunity –

If you find a chance to work with a multinational company as an intern, it would be a perfect opportunity for you. After completing your training at a reputed organization, your resume will look very good, and it will help you find a much better job opportunity. Also, it is a prevalent practice that you will very likely get a job in the same company from which company you have completed your internship.


4. Communication Skill Improves:

One of the many benefits of an internship is that you improve a lot regarding how to talk to your boss, communicate effectively with your colleague/teammates, and manage customers and clients, reply to an email, and phonetics. Effective communication skill is something which makes you stand apart from the crowd and displays your talent.


5. Increases Confidence:

Confidence prepares us to do something in our life. An industrial internship boosts our spirit and evaluates how we would perform in the real work environment. On-job training increases our confidence and prepares us to achieve our best at any given job.

Chances to make new friends and expand our network – During the training period, you come across many new people, and amongst those people, you make new friends. One of the benefits of having an extensive network is that it sometimes helps you find a better job opportunity.


How to get an Internship –


Through College –

Several colleges offer industrial training during summer vacations. It is beneficial for both the parties, for the companies, and the students. The students get an opportunity to showcase their talent, which helps them get a job in the future. Many repudiated colleges contact many multinational companies so their students can get a good opportunity for an internship.


You can apply for an Internship in a Company –

Suppose you are particularly interested in a field. In that case, you can apply for an internship in a related organization, following their terms and condition.


Take help from Job Placement Agencies and Websites –

Suppose you face any difficulties finding a place in a college-arranged internship. In that case, the easiest way to find training in an organization is a job placement agency or websites which offer internships.


How to select the appropriate internship for you – 

Go for training in a field in which you are interested/planning to make a career. If you are getting a degree in B.ED, go for a government or private school. If you are doing MBA, you can go for any national or multinational organization. If you are interested in a digital marketing internship & job then an organization offering digital marketing services can be your go-to place.


Things to be considered during the internship –


  • Reach office on time
  • Try to do more just than your assigned duties
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Never be discouraged by criticism 
  • Keep in touch with everybody


The purpose of internship – 


The purpose of the internship is to make the younger generation industry ready and to encourage them. During the internship, the company also benefits from the students. The organization pays a small salary and gets many employees. Also, the students gain practical knowledge, which helps them to get a job.


Author: Sonalika Dey (student Max Digital Academy)


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