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7 Incredible Ways : How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Beginners

How to write SEO Friendly Article ? 2021 [UPDATED]

Writing articles and content for websites is a skill. And like any other skill, it can be improved by practice. Writing SEO friendly articles for your website to get you more traffic from search engines seems like a tough nut to crack, so we bring you this article on how to write SEO friendly article that will sort major issues for you as a beginner.

I know writing an article is not an easy task, especially when you are writing SEO friendly articles for the first time. Many people think SEO is challenging, but actually, it’s not true. There are few easy steps to make your article SEO-friendly. Things like the title of the post and description, blog structure, headings, and paragraphs, are straightforward to fix, and it plays a notable role in ranking.


What a good article contains?


Like I said before, excellent writing can’t be taught but, good writing definitely can. As a writer, you are eventually a storyteller, conveying the story of your experiences through different mediums and reframed for additional viewers. So please write to the point and choose eye-catching keywords; try to use them periodically. Here are some best practices for generating impressive, captivating articles:


Use Relatable Examples:

Strong, relatable examples give writing more power. When you are writing, avoid purely theoretical material, share your exciting experience with your reader as a reference frame. Your these stories will stay in readers mind longer than facts or numbers.


Don’t Hide Your Voice:

Give your readers a unique voice. Don’t be afraid to be funny (if you’re funny), quirky, even a little weird. Your authentic voice is one of your greatest strengths. The more you sound like a human being, the more are the chances people will want to engage with you.


Target your Audience:

 Your article for SEO is not your diary. Before starting to write, you should know your target audience, whether the public or some business holders and then write according to their taste. Make sure you choose language suitable for the audience you’re addressing. If you’re writing for a broader audience, try to use words that are spoken daily. Keep paragraphs short and on-point.


Writing for SEO

Keep these tips in your mind; crafting a good article should be simple. By optimizing your content to appear more often in search engine recommendations, you will be increasing both visibility and trustworthiness.

Although getting traffic on a website requires a lot of SEO techniques. But writing content that is SEO-friendly has its own importance. So here we will discuss a few ways on how to write SEO friendly article.



7 Incredible ways to Write SEO friendly content


7 ways to write SEO friendly Content

Be Original:

 Popular SEO keywords in your articles are one of the best ways to drive up your recommendations. Choose organic keywords to create SEO, friendly content. Readers, who spend a lot of time on the search engine, are particularly capable of noticing if you’ve just stuffed your work with words.


Keyword Placement:

Make sure you optimize keywords in your SEO articles by placing them in your titles and subtitles. Create a hierarchy of keywords and use the most search generating upfront. Be assured to use your most important keywords in the title.


Include Picture:

Include images with alt text to get your page more shareable and show up in the search engine. Image-driven content is getting more and more play as a digital marketing technique, and it is particularly suited to viral your content within a short time space.


Add Links to Previous Content:

If you want to rank your older content and to drive traffic higher, then add your last content link to them from your newer posts.


How to write SEO Optimized Description:

The SEO description tag summarizes the article in less than 156 characters. When you search for something or a keyword on the internet, the result displays you on the same website with three choices: Title, Permalink, and Description. So optimized your description to be informative and eye-catching to encourage readers to click your link and visit your article.


Add Internal & External links:

If you have previously written an article related to topics or the same topic, don’t ignore to add the link of your previous article writings. It determines your authorization over the matter and, more substantially, your readership. Adding links to articles also crucial for google ranking.


Keep your Paragraphs Concise:

Don’t use more comprehensive sections that distract readers’ minds. They might get annoyed because most people read articles from mobile phones, so if you use short paragraphs, it can be easy for them to understand well and read more focused. The content should include  Heading Tags in a hierarchy that gives a proper structure to the content and indicates sections in a particular content.


By using these tips, I hope you will be on your way to a higher SERP ranking within no time; and you’ll be enhancing your reputation as a quality content provider at the same time. If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask us on our Facebook group.


This blog precisely indicates how to write SEO friendly article & get more traffic.




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5 Best Content Writing Tips

5 Best Content Writing Tips for Beginners or Every Individual


Who doesn’t like ‘tips’? And that too on the buzzing topic like content writing which when done right can be a miracle for your business. Content, you can say, is the backbone of your website, which should always be in a perfect shape and place so you can get the most out of it. As time passed, organizations started playing it smarter. They are now taking advantage of blogs and articles to maximize their traffic which in return increases their return on investment (ROI), and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Although it is something which you learn by practice and time and it cannot be taught, in this blog you will read 5 best content writing tips for beginners or every individual who is into this field which will help you write content enriched with quality and quantity:


Research Before Writing



This is one of the main factors why people fail in creating engaging content.

They just start typing on their keyboard, like it’s a race, without researching the niche.

Researching about the niche before writing will give you a better understanding of the topic and will automatically put you in advantage, from others, as you have gained knowledge and can start writing about it.

Let’s make searching a bit easy for you with these simple steps:

●      Try reading other articles, from different authors, about the niche for a better idea and knowledge. This will give you a clear picture of what you can take into consideration while writing but do not copy-paste.

●      Use Google Scholar for finding a huge number of researches about almost everything. You can search across many possible things like articles, online repositories, books, court opinions etc.

You can also find books, HTML’s, PDF’s over it.

          So in short, you can consider it as a goldmine full of research.

●      Using statistics in your article or blog will make it sound even more credible and trustworthy.

Statista is one of the leading websites that cover almost every stats you need.

          Stats related to different countries are also available on it.


Powerful Title and Headings



Eye-catching titles and headlines can work wonders for your article or blog.

Every article or blog you write starts with a title, so if you want your reader to stay with your article or blog, you need to work on your title game. You can convert a visitor into a reader if your title is catchy.

According to Ted Nicholas, a copywriting expert, 73% of people will buy your services or products if they find your title powerful and eye-catching.

Some specialists even say that they specifically give themselves 30-40 minutes to brainstorm ideas about the title.

So now, as you know the potential of a strong title, you should always give it some time rather than just putting anything in those big and bold words.


Write Unique Content



If you are copy-pasting the content or your content is not unique then, believe me, your content writing career is finished before it will even start.

Google is getting smarter every day and making changes to its terms and conditions and how it works rapidly for a better user experience. You will get in trouble if google finds that you have published or using someone else’s words or article as you are stealing the information.

Your content writing format or structure helps readers to stick with you and better understand what you are trying to say.

It would be best if you always came up with new writing ideas that define your unique voice.

Writing content in your way will make it unique, engaging and plagiarism free.

Finding your voice will take some time and effort, but once you have it, you are all set to write mind-blowing content.


Use Visual Representations



A survey conducted in Italy shows that visuals and performing arts value increased from 3.9 million euros to 8 million euros, from 2013 to 2018, basically doubling over the period.

Now that’s crazy!

Using visuals like images in your content outstands it, as it makes the content more understandable and engaging.

Research has shown that the human mind responds better to images as compared to texts. Reading text can be boring sometimes; however, photos can make it enjoyable.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are based on the visual representation that’s why they are thriving.

Infographics, videos and images are go-to visual assets and believed as a wise strategy to use in your articles or blogs.



Quality content is the unbeatable king of the online world, and by following these 5 best content writing tips, you can also create that and kickstart your content writing career. 

It cannot be crammed, though you have to be patient, put efforts and keep brushing up your skills to see yourself successful in this field.

Driving organic traffic takes time but think about the difference you can make around you or your audience once you start getting the results.

It would be a piece of cake to generate traffic consistently, afterwards. 


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