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Google Task Mate in India

Google has been introducing various life-changing applications since the beginning of the 21st century. The sheer thought process behind these digital applications has been the reason why Google grew up to become the world’s most loved search engine, which famously, can do anything and everything you need. The G-suite is home to some of the most productive applications of all time and plans to add a new member to it. India is one of the largest consumers of Google’s services. Google is testing the relevance of this new member, Google Task Mate in India.


Google Task Mate in India- An Overview

The Google Task Mate is a beta application developed by Google. It is currently in a scrutiny stage, with its performance being closely monitored in India, for the future implications of launching it herein.

The Google Task Mate is supposed to reward you for the minutest of tasks that you aim for and perform, to add to the value of Google’s services.

As mentioned in the app’s ‘About section’ in the Google PlayStore, the application enables users to ‘earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone.’

As of now, access to the beta version available in India is limited to a few users with a referral code at their disposal. It is not sure when Google would make the application accessible to the general public.

The Google Task Mate is designed to provide people with earning opportunities by simply completing trivial tasks on their mobile phones. And those tasks, in turn, are beneficial to Google as it adds value to the search result quality of Google.


Google Task Mate In India

What would you have to do in Task Mate app by Google?

The first question that pops into an eager potential user’s mind is- what would I have to do to earn through Google Task Mate?

Well, the tasks that a user has to accomplish to earn rewards are simply divided into field tasks and sitting tasks.

These will be simple tasks that can be chosen as per your suitability and completed as and when it pleases you or skipped if you do not find the task suited to your ability.

These bite-sized tasks include-

Field Tasks- That require venturing out to some nearby place for their completion.

Sitting Tasks- That do not require commutation to any specific destination for their completion.

Field tasks might include clicking pictures of some outdoor places of visitor’s interest, such as a nearby restaurant, a theme park, a library, or a historical site. It might also require checking the prices of certain products and some restaurant’s menu and posting reviews about the quality of services being delivered.

Sitting tasks are better suited to homemakers and include simple chunks of tasks such as translating a particular piece of information into their local language, providing the audio for a written sentence, or verifying a known shop’s details.

These tasks, once completed, are put under review. If the quality of work is found accurate after being reviewed, it is rewarded as per the promised monetary value in your local currency. The amount is transferred to the e-wallet or the account linked to the Task Mate’s payment partner and is visible on your dashboard.


A tour through the interface of Task Mate App

Since the application is entirely foreign to the Indian community, here is a short tour through the interface of Task Mate:

Step 1: Go to the Google PlayStore and download the Task Mate app.

Step 2: Register with your email id and register yourself to the application.

Step 3: Choose the language from the Select Language tab. The chosen one will be the language in which the interface of the app will work for you.

Step 4: Choose your working language(s). Your preferred language can be your local, regional languages or the languages you are familiar with.

Step 5: This step of the registration process requires you to enter and verify your referral code. Pay great attention to the case of the alphabets you are entering as it is a case-sensitive code, and entering the wrong referral code can block your account permanently.

Step 6: Finally, go through and accept the terms and conditions provided, and you’re good to go. Start earning through the Task Mate!


Salient features of  GTM

  • It is an original product of Google LLC and hence is reliable and credible
  • No restriction of criteria to use the app, except that you must have a referral code, to begin with. Else, no special requirements apply to register and use Task Mate
  • It is free! 
  • Users can select tasks of their choice


This app can become a supporting earning source for all freelancers, Professionals, Students & Homemakers.

As of now, the future of Google Task Mate in India seems bright, considering the credibility, lucrative interface, and perks of the application. But with the ‘Rewards app’ in place that lets users earn money by answering survey questions, it will be clear soon how Google Task Mate performs with the Indians public.



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