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Top 5 Advantages of Digital Marketing in 2023

Digital marketing is a way of promoting products, brands, or services. It uses multiple forms of electronic media, such as Blogs Writing, Video Marketing, SEO, Podcasts, Social Media, and Email Campaigns.The great thing about digital marketing is that the results are measurable. Let us go through the Advantages of Digital marketing together.


This means that if your campaigns take place online, they are easy to track and analyse, so you can learn from your results and improve your digital marketing strategies timely.


1. Low Budget and Resistance


There is no more resistance to enter the digital marketing arena. Let’s take an example here: You have a small business and you think you require digital marketing. The good news is you don’t have to spend a bomb to start it.

5 steps to start your digital marketing journey.
  • Go to Google My Business and create an account.
  • Optimise the account and apply for the verification code. This way you set up a virtual shop for your brand or products.
  • You can start from one or two social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.
  • You can create brand awareness, a loyal community & generate leads  using the digital medium.
  • You can start promoting your business with a minimal budget either via facebook ads or google ads. This can help you track real time results and these activities break your entry barriers.

2. Easily Measurable


Suppose you have a business and you have put a huge poster on the road or you have distributed pamphlets in your city. After doing these activities you can’t get any data about how many people came across your advertising materials. Neither can you know their age or gender.


Be it organic or paid, each and every metric of your digital marketing can be measured. From number of likes, comments,shares & saves to which age group & gender is engaging with your post.
You can design elaborate ad campaigns to reach your desired audiences. You can choose whom to show your ads. This will save you time and bring you quality leads.


Driving sales from these leads will be easier as they will be already interested in the product.
You can see your traffic’s data in Google Analytics and will have real time data in front of you to analyse and learn from.


3. 24×7 Marketing


When we opt for traditional marketing we are bound by time or money. Let us assume that you want to distribute pamphlets for brand awareness. You will be bound to do it during the day as you won’t get any audience in the market during the night.


As you opt for Digital Marketing you will get access to your audience for 24 X 7. People are usually using their phones and laptops till late at night scrolling social media or streaming youtube. You can choose any of these platforms to showcase your ads. You can choose a time you think your audience will be active at and run your ads to yield desired results.


4. Global Reach


To expand your business globally you have to make an enormous investment and take care of a lot of formalities, which is not easy.


Through digital marketing you can do it very easily and smoothly. You can approach your clients who are sitting a thousand of miles away in any part of the world using facebook or google ads. You can do all of this with a very minimal increase in your investment.


5. Unique Target


As we learnt in our article, you can choose your audiences and set a budget as per your need. You can target our unique audience. Every social media or Google gives you an option to use their unique targeting method to target only your potential customers according to your niche.


In today’s time it has become necessary to leverage the power of Digital Marketing. It gives you an upper hand over those who are still stuck with traditional methods. A successful marketing plan should include both traditional & digital methods. If you run a business and are looking forward to learning digital marketing to grow your business then join us at Max Digital Academy.


This article is submitted by our student Azeezul Khan.

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13 Incredible Ways: How to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales in 2023


This pandemic changed the way of shopping more than ever. Today 95% of people are shopping online which gives a great opportunity to those who want to start an online business. So here are a few tips & tricks which will help to boost your e-commerce sales in 2023.


1. Understand your target audience

To understand your audience, you have to make the right decisions about your products & services. When your store is online, it’s really very tough for any consumer to trust you at first. You need to make clear and transparent terms & policies to gain their trust. Define your brand values which will help you to create brand awareness among your targeted audience.


2. Showcase customer feedback & testimonials

By showing your customer’s feedback you gain the trust of your prospects. This will lead to more conversions in the near future because today all online shoppers see the reviews first before buying any product. This is one of the most essential weapon to add to your website to increase your online



3. Money-back guarantee

Online shopping provides a virtual platform for any user which means you can’t see or touch the products. You can only see the images of the product &

read the description which is mentioned on the site. So if a user is buying anything & is not happy with the experience of that product then an easy return/ replacement or money-back guarantee will build trust in the product. This will build the confidence of the user in your products & service & they might explore all the products are available on your site.


4. Provide all possible payment options

To make payment hassle-free for your user you should provide all the possible payment options so that they won’t face any issues buying your products. This will increase your online sales especially when you have strong mobile traffic.


5. Give lucrative offers

Users love free stuff so try to give anything for free in your current offer. We can take the example of Myglamm. They are having lucrative offers. They are giving codes to get 1 liquid lipstick for free or if you buy 4 liquid lipstick then you will get all at Rs.395. So to make your brand popular you have to give some freebies to your user.


6. Low shipping

The user generally prefers to order the product from those websites which offer them either low shipping or free shipping. So try to fix some amount

above that, if the user purchases in combinations then you should offer free shipping or as low shipping charge as possible.


7. Do SEO for your website

SEO improves your website ranking which will bring quality traffic to your website. It will help you to rank your website on the first page of the search engine result page(SERP). For doing SEO for your website you will require some knowledge of SEO tools. You can learn more about a few free SEO tools


8. Optimize for mobile

Mobile optimization is the process of adjusting your website content to ensure visitors can access the site from mobile devices. Optimized content can be easily viewed on both desktops and mobile.


9. Reduce website load time

According to Google market research, 53% percent of mobile users leave sites if it takes more than 3 seconds. Time is valuable so loading time should not be more. You can analyze your site’s speed with Google PageSpeed Insights, Google’s Test My Site, or Pingdom. These tools offer detailed information on the improvement of your website load time.


10. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best tools for creating your company’s brand awareness. It helps to connect with your audience & understand what they like or dislike about your products & services. Major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.


11. Pay Per Click(PPC)

Pay per click(PPC) will boost your online sale by offering a direct and easy way to reach your targeted audience. A recent study from Search Engine Land stated that around 75% of online shoppers found information about their products through paid ads on search engine result pages (SERP) and on social media. These ads help users to get the relevant information more quickly & easily which not only convert leads into sales rather they help to create brand awareness among the targeted users as well.


12. Install live chat

It’s a wonderful way to generate e-commerce sales. It is also used to answer any query or doubt related to your product or service your clients or prospects may have. Any business site can get benefitted from this tool, even those sites can also use who won’t sell anything from their site. This live

chat tool can also be used to gather email addresses.


13. Return policies

It is very important to offer good return policies to attract your targeted audience & also make sure to make it hassle-free so that the user feels secure & satisfied to buy any product from your website without giving any second thought. You should offer good return policies to your user & it is very important to make your users clear & keep your promise.


Starting an e-commerce business takes a lot more than it appears on the surface. After reading this article I am sure you all agree with this.
Be it the strategies or your online presence every bit counts. If you are thinking of getting your business online make sure to abide by all these points or connect with our growing agency Viral Addaa.


This article is submitted by our student Chitra Banerjee. You can follow her on LinkedIn 




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Google Task Mate in India

Google has been introducing various life-changing applications since the beginning of the 21st century. The sheer thought process behind these digital applications has been the reason why Google grew up to become the world’s most loved search engine, which famously, can do anything and everything you need. The G-suite is home to some of the most productive applications of all time and plans to add a new member to it. India is one of the largest consumers of Google’s services. Google is testing the relevance of this new member, Google Task Mate in India.


Google Task Mate in India- An Overview

The Google Task Mate is a beta application developed by Google. It is currently in a scrutiny stage, with its performance being closely monitored in India, for the future implications of launching it herein.

The Google Task Mate is supposed to reward you for the minutest of tasks that you aim for and perform, to add to the value of Google’s services.

As mentioned in the app’s ‘About section’ in the Google PlayStore, the application enables users to ‘earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone.’

As of now, access to the beta version available in India is limited to a few users with a referral code at their disposal. It is not sure when Google would make the application accessible to the general public.

The Google Task Mate is designed to provide people with earning opportunities by simply completing trivial tasks on their mobile phones. And those tasks, in turn, are beneficial to Google as it adds value to the search result quality of Google.


Google Task Mate In India

What would you have to do in Task Mate app by Google?

The first question that pops into an eager potential user’s mind is- what would I have to do to earn through Google Task Mate?

Well, the tasks that a user has to accomplish to earn rewards are simply divided into field tasks and sitting tasks.

These will be simple tasks that can be chosen as per your suitability and completed as and when it pleases you or skipped if you do not find the task suited to your ability.

These bite-sized tasks include-

Field Tasks- That require venturing out to some nearby place for their completion.

Sitting Tasks- That do not require commutation to any specific destination for their completion.

Field tasks might include clicking pictures of some outdoor places of visitor’s interest, such as a nearby restaurant, a theme park, a library, or a historical site. It might also require checking the prices of certain products and some restaurant’s menu and posting reviews about the quality of services being delivered.

Sitting tasks are better suited to homemakers and include simple chunks of tasks such as translating a particular piece of information into their local language, providing the audio for a written sentence, or verifying a known shop’s details.

These tasks, once completed, are put under review. If the quality of work is found accurate after being reviewed, it is rewarded as per the promised monetary value in your local currency. The amount is transferred to the e-wallet or the account linked to the Task Mate’s payment partner and is visible on your dashboard.


A tour through the interface of Task Mate App

Since the application is entirely foreign to the Indian community, here is a short tour through the interface of Task Mate:

Step 1: Go to the Google PlayStore and download the Task Mate app.

Step 2: Register with your email id and register yourself to the application.

Step 3: Choose the language from the Select Language tab. The chosen one will be the language in which the interface of the app will work for you.

Step 4: Choose your working language(s). Your preferred language can be your local, regional languages or the languages you are familiar with.

Step 5: This step of the registration process requires you to enter and verify your referral code. Pay great attention to the case of the alphabets you are entering as it is a case-sensitive code, and entering the wrong referral code can block your account permanently.

Step 6: Finally, go through and accept the terms and conditions provided, and you’re good to go. Start earning through the Task Mate!


Salient features of  GTM

  • It is an original product of Google LLC and hence is reliable and credible
  • No restriction of criteria to use the app, except that you must have a referral code, to begin with. Else, no special requirements apply to register and use Task Mate
  • It is free! 
  • Users can select tasks of their choice


This app can become a supporting earning source for all freelancers, Professionals, Students & Homemakers.

As of now, the future of Google Task Mate in India seems bright, considering the credibility, lucrative interface, and perks of the application. But with the ‘Rewards app’ in place that lets users earn money by answering survey questions, it will be clear soon how Google Task Mate performs with the Indians public.



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