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Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing : Which One to Choose

Difference Between Tradition Marketing and Digital Marketing


The chaos and confusion between traditional marketing and digital marketing have been there since the two came into existence. And businesses are often confused about which one to choose. So we bring you the best possible comparison of Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing. But before we dive into the difference let’s talk about what is Marketing.


What is Marketing?


We need to clear “What is Marketing”. Marketing means a company takes an action to entice an audience to the company’s goods or services through high-quality messaging. Marketing aims to provide standalone value for prospects and customers through content, with the long-term goal of verifying product value, strengthening brand loyalty, and ultimately increasing sales.


What is Traditional Marketing?


It is old marketing that uses Newspaper media or classic channels, for marketing communication. This marketing nature has a steady and slow conversion with low engagement in this return on investment (ROI) cannot be measured easily, it’s less effective or more expensive. tracking is not possible in traditional marketing. Targeting is standardized, shuffle is not possible once the ad is placed. Regional reach and postponed results, consumers interruptions cannot skip the ads, as they are affixed to see them. There is only one communication working.


Top 5 Categories of Traditional Marketing


  • Marketing through Direct Mail
  • Print Media Marketing – Newspapers & Magazines
  • Broadcast Marketing -Television & Radio Channels
  • OOH Marketing – Public Transits such as Buses and Trains, Billboards, Street Furniture, and Cabs
  • Marketing thereon sales staff through person to person meetings, phone calls, events, direct selling

Top 14 Examples of Traditional Marketing


  • Burger King
  • Magazines for Women
  • Business Magazines
  • Branded Magazines is like a “HOG” Magazine of Harley-Davidson
  • ZooZoo by Vodafone
  • Billboard of Coca-Cola with Straw
  • “Pakka Indian” Marketing Campaign by McDonald’s
  • McDonald’s “Big Mac” Billboard
  • Tanishq “Swayahm” OOH Marketing Campaign
  • Harley Davidson Event Marketing Campaigns
  • Telemarketing by Politicians
  • Telemarketing by Call Centers and BPOs
  • Telemarketing by Financial Institutions
  • Referral or Network Marketing by MNCs

Reasons, why traditional marketing is preferred:

  • Easy connectivity.
  • Save hard copies.
  • Easy recognizable.
  • High reach.

4 points of traditional marketing


Top 5 Types of Traditional Marketing:


  • Print marketing which earns revenue from promotion and local advertising includes journals, posters, magazines, pamphlets, newspapers, etc.
  • Broadcasting: It may include radio and television, which provides information, knowledge, news along entertainment.
  • Outdoor marketing: There are two leading ways of home marketing that play an important role in influencing clients over time.
    1) Hoardings

    2) Billboards
  • One-to-one marketing: It includes telemarketing or SMS marketing, which involves the promotions of products or services to the customers via telephone or SMS.
  • Direct Mail: it’s also known as advertising mail or email. It involves brochures, postcards, catalogs flyers, newsletters, and sales letters.

What is Digital Marketing?


It is the activity of advertising and selling the company goods and services by using online marketing channels and tactics. like smartphones, the internet, display ads, and so many other digitals are dynamic. the conversion rate of prospects to users is similarly fast. interaction between the consumer and companies online. it is just because the client can instantly check the product and offers. in this case, you can smoothly calculate the return on investment. digital marketing is better productive and less expensive compared to traditional, you can easily track the location where are from buyers who are interested in products. in this company easy to find the target audience who shows their interest currently or they search for it. you can easily pinch the ad even after being placed in digital marketing, you can easily fetch the product or services so easily this is not confined to a specific area. showing fast and real-time results to the marketer. and in digital marketing users have the option to easily skip the ads that they cannot find useful or they are not interested in. It has two-way communication to circulate information about products or services in reviews.


7 points of digital marketing


Top 9 Tactics are as Follows:


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It helps to increase your website’s rank on search engine result pages which gives you quality and quantity organic traffic.
  • Content Marketing: It refers to developing, promoting, and publishing for the targeted groups, creating brand awareness, and generating leads to your website.
  • Inbound Marketing: It is a core attracting, closing, converting, and delighting consumers. the procedure of obliging perspective through social media, branding, content marketing.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) are the platforms over social media which promote your brand such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.
  • PPC( Pay Per Click): It is advertising to drive traffic to the website when the advertiser companies ad is clicked.
  • Affiliate Marketing: It is promoting other brands on your websites and earning the commission on that for each sales conversion without precursor.
  • Native Advertising: It is a non-paid content form of advertising and the function of media upon which the ad appears.
  • Marketing Automation: It is directed as technologies and software platforms created for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on numerous channels online and automate repetitive tasks. A useful way on various platforms and automate like emails, etc.
  • Email Marketing: It is an approach to communication with Clients by sending emails to the mark audience and leading the audience to your website.

Note: Regardless, if you don’t want to avoid the traditional marketing method, use it when you want to connect people locally. but according to at present try to invest more time in digital marketing as per market priority.

These strategies can also give you a career path you might need. Know more about how one can make a career in digital marketing despite being a homemaker.


Blog Submitted By Our Student: Nasrur Khan

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Trends Of Digital Marketing To Follow In 2021

Trends of Digital Marketing to follow in 2021 

Do you own a business? If yes, then you must be offering products or services to your audience. Right? But the million-dollar question is- Are you making enough sales and leads to run a profitable business? It does not matter what your business is; or what services you provide. If you are not marketing the right way, you might never experience those mesmerizing sales and profits.

Nowadays, it is hard to find a successful business that does not have an online presence. By entering the online world, you can entertain hundreds and thousands of people with your services or products.

And you know the best part is that having an online presence isn’t unenviable.

However, it takes both smart and hard work to succeed.

Once you get set with your online presence, such as a website, you can focus on the marketing side.

What other way than digital marketing can be the best for your marketing campaigns? Veteran digital marketers even consider it inevitable. However, to get the most out of it, one needs to be continually analyze the growing trends in digital marketing.

Adaptation is a must here. Practicing old techniques will not show you the results you are thriving for. Adopt new tactics, improvise, and implement them accordingly.

Below are the trends of digital marketing to follow in 2021:


1. Content is the key

Content marketing is an essential sub-part of digital marketing. Prominent marketers even consider it as a necessary component of it.

Over the years, Google is being audience-centric. They are constantly revamping their algorithms and guidelines about ranking on the SERP. SERP stands for search engine results page.

It is the place where all the search results pop up whenever you search for something. And ranking on top will lead to more traffic, leads and sales.

To add some, your content must be original, educational, unique, etc., to rank higher. And applying SEO is like a cherry pie over a cake. Google ranks content that is rich in SEO. But hey, that doesn’t allow you to stuff keywords or use black hat SEO techniques.

Google is smart enough to differentiate between genuine and stuffed content. And as soon as you get caught, you might fall real quick and get yourself in trouble.

Content is the king without any doubt. It can add more value to your marketing campaign if done right.


2. Personalized Emails

Emails are still an effective way of communicating with a large audience. Regardless of the types, it’s still used for- personal, academic, commercial uses, and more.

Email marketing is never going to be down. In fact, it is the best way to keep your audience updated about your products and services.

Automated and personalized emails are the best way to target a specific kind of audience.

Let’s say you run a blog that attracts a good number of visitors. Here, you never know if a person is your daily or a one time visitor.

Email marketing is the answer to this. Sending emails to your visitors or readers every time you publish a new blog post might lead them to visit your site again and again. In this way, you can maintain the hype by keeping your audience updated.


3. Create interactive videos

Video marketing is gradually taking over text-based communication. How?

Because videos are highly engaging and interactive. It is an easy way to create a credibility factor among your audience. People spend more time watching videos as compared to textual based services.

Don’t believe me?

According to research, there are 2 billion active users who visit YouTube every month. Moreover, streaming apps like Twitch has over 15 million daily active users. Live videos create a buzz around people, making it a bit easy for companies to promote themselves.

Organizations that offer products or services tend to use this as a medium to grow their sales and brand awareness.


4. Social media platforms

One of the best trend of digital marketing to follow in 2021 is Social Media Marketing. Social media apps had no longer been just a picture or video-sharing platform. It has been more since companies find their real worth.

Organizations now are not restricting themselves to traditional ways of marketing. They had taken a step further to these social platforms.

And why not? In 2019, Facebook had around 2.45 billion active users, making it stand on the top of the game. However, it is losing to hold up and attract younger people or millennials.

On the other hand, Instagram is another popular social app with over 500+ million daily active users. It is much more prevalent among millennials.

Whatever your services or products are, social apps are a great way of attracting a large audience and increase brand awareness and sales.


5. Let chatbots do the work

Chatbots saves a lot of your time by interacting with your audience or customers. It is an AI technology that is evolving over time. Though, a lot of companies are already taking its benefits.

Chatbots are designed to interact and communicate with humans but in a natural way. Primarily, they converse through text though voice communication is also possible.

As chatbots are AI-based technology, they collect insights through conversation and enhance user-experience every time. The main attributes of having a chatbot are- 24 hours service, no expenses, and instant responses.

It has found that 43% of the visitors choose to text a chatbot rather than going on a call with a customer care executive. It is quite visible to see chatbots as one of the trends in digital marketing.



Practicing and experimenting with your marketing campaigns is always a better idea to follow. If one thing doesn’t work out, shift to another. Or change the way you do it. Maybe try planning out something new.

Involving in traditional ways might not lead to the results you are wondering about. There is always a risk involved in marketing campaigns.

Analyze what you do and then implement it. The future of digital marketing is bright. But you got to keep up with its evolving trends. You can also consult some seasoned Digital Marketing agency for you marketing campaigns.

What influential digital marketing trends do you follow? Let us know.










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