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Top 5 Ways to get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers in 2020. Select Skills, Master them, Do Internship, Prepare Resume, Crack the Digital Marketing Job.

So you have entered into the field of digital marketing and trying to land your first job, you have come to the right place, I am going to dwell into aspects that I felt most important to get my First Digital Marketing Job as Fresher.

Step 1. Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers – SELECT what you WANT

 How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

Digital Marketing is one of the most required domains of this century marketing strategist, as the time progress new and updated knowledge and skill comes up with new job opportunities. Given Below are some of the most in Demand Jobs of the decade in which you can plan our career.

Highest Earning Digital Marketing Jobs Ranked By Category for a Fresher:

1. Digital Marketing Manager
2. SEO Executives
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Search Engine Marketing
5. Email Marketing
6.Content Marketing
7.Inbound Marketing
8. Conversion Rate Optimiser

So at the top, we have the Digital Marketing Manager whose responsibility is supervising the complete digital marketing unit of the company or the business. And then the rest of the categories are ranked on the value of their skills.

Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner you only have to focus upon one the skills at a time and develop expertise within it, for eg., you can begin with Search Engine Marketing and get your Skills expertise and updated in it you can move to Social Media Marketing and then develop expertise in that Domain.

It will take time and you have to move step by step, because YES the ultimate goal is to become a digital marketing manager but before you need to develop the expertise into all these verticals.

Step 2. OPT the RIGHT skill for Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

So if you starting your journey in digital marketing You will certainly face the challenge of what to start with. As the IT industry is growing and so does the marketing industry to promote them. Also, it leads to dynamicity in the environment and new knowledge and some times a new domain develops.

Below are Mentioned Top 10 Digital Marketing skills To get The Job Right away as a

Fresher :

1. SEO Specialist
2. PPC Executive/specialist
3. Social Media Expert
4. Email Marketing
5. Mobile Marketing
6. Analytics
7. Content Management/Marketing
8. Marketing Automation
9. Viral Marketing
10. Develop Skills with Technology Tools and Platforms.

So you have to master any of these skills. You can become an SEO Specialist, You can become a Social Media Expert or become a content marketer. You have to develop expertise in a few of these skills or even one. The Interviewer won’t be expecting you to know each one of them.

But When I mention Expertise it means you are equipped with small details of that topic and which will come only by practical experience. Let’s Suppose you are interested in Search Engine Optimisation, then You should all about SEO – all elements that come under ON page SEO and OFF page SEO. As well as having a website showing you Optimisation Skills will make it easy for the interviewer to select you.

Step 3. Understanding RESUME to get Best Digital Marketing Jobs As a


How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

So the biggest mistake that I notice people will generally make in updating and sending there resume is that they will send the same resume to all the companies.

For example, let’s assume that you have expertise in Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing. But if you applying for an SEO related job then you have to Lay the Stress in Your SEO related capabilities or skills such as some SEO related projects that you have done or the strategies that you applied and got the result and summarizing them in a case study of your website.

So you have to think from the interviewer’s point of view the person who is looking for SEO-related candidates won’t be interested in your Social Media Marketing Skills. Also, The Hiring Person won’t be going through each line of your resume he will be scanning them for SEO related Keywords only. So the profile should be focused more on the required skills instead of pouring your background achievements that will certainly decrease the chance of you getting the job.

So Make Sure that you Project your Skills and your work according to the requirement of the job.

Important Points to Consider Before Writing A Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs As


1. What’s Your Target?
2. What is Your Unique Value Proposition?
3. Identifying your Messaging Strategies?
4. Is your Resume Seen?
5. Offer Value?
6. Think From Employer Points of View

Step 4. Right RESUME with INTERNSHIP for Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

Having an Internship in Your Resume will Greatly Enhance the Chance of Getting the Job.

As a Company who is Hiring you, no one wants to spend money training you. So if you have done an internship than you will already have experience and that is a benefit for the Hiring Company.

So to get the internship in Digital Marketing Jobs as Freshers you can sign up to these



As the growth of the Digital Marketing industry continues you will be able to find more and more opportunities for Internship. So before stepping into the internship, you have to make the selection of the type of internship that you will do.

Try to get the internship where you can have a comprehensive view of each domain of Digital Marketing rather than Working in a Specific domain like SEO. Working under the umbrella of each domain you will get more experience and knowledge.

Do not View Internships as a way of getting certificates rather proactively work in it. Learn the key skills that are required in the digital marketing work. Getting the certificate should not be your aim rather it should be increasing your knowledge, your experience, sharpening of strategies.

Once You are done with Resume you can Post them On various Websites. One I prefer is Naukri.com as it is one of the biggest portals in India for Job Hiring. And Make Sure your profile should be complete. The more updated and complete your profile is the more chanced increases for Your Resume to be Found.

Step 5. CLEARING the INTERVIEWS in Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

Once you are done with developing expertise in the skills, working on your projects and having one or more internships. Then you are almost ready to pitch yourself in the market.

Top 10 Tips For Digital Marketing Job Interview for Freshers

1. Research about a company
2. Create a Job-worthy resume
3. Sell Yourself
4. Think from interviewers mind
5. Being Proactive
6. Giving the right Hook in the interview
7. Showing that you actually care
8. Interview Etiquettes
9. Be Creative
10. Brand Yourself Online

I hope that you find the Digital Marketing Jobs for Fresher’s article helpful. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the efforts of our team in the Comment Box.

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